Version 2.77

Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1016-6 [PROMIS] Never|Rarely|Sometimes|Often|Always N
LL1019-0 [PROMIS] Had no pain|Nev|Rare|Sometim|Oft|Alw N
LL1340-0 PhenX12_70 N
LL1627-0 PhenX18_10 N
LL1715-3 PhenX20_14 N
LL1740-1 PhenX20_32_ear protection freq N
LL3002-4 PROMIS_16_PedsGlobal N
LL3003-2 PROMIS_17_Social N
LL3121-2 PROMIS_19 N
LL3122-0 Never(5)|Rarely(4)|Sometimes{3)|Often(2)|Always(1) N
LL3268-1 Always/Usually/Sometimes/Rarely/Never N
LL3326-7 PROMIS_21 N
LL3327-5 PROMIS_22 N
LL4882-8 Always(0)Often(1)Sometimes(2)Rarely(3)Never(4) N
LL4884-4 KOOS frequency of pain N
LL4902-4 Never(0)Monthly(1)Weekly(2)Daily(3)Always(4) N
LL4911-5 Never(0)Rarely(1)Sometimes(2)Often(3)Always(4) N
LL5402-4 CMS_Nev|Rare|Some|Often|Alw|Pt Unable Respond N
LL5416-4 Nev(0)Rare(1)Somet(2)Oft(3)Alwy(4)PtUnAbletoRes(8) N
LL5453-7 Never|Rare|Some|Often|Always|Unable N
LL5661-5 Corrective Lenses Do Not Use to Always N
LL5662-3 Corrective Lenses Never to Always Use N
LL5668-0 Always|Often|Sometimes|Occasionally|Never N
LL568-7 CARE_4_f03_Feeling sad N
LL5869-4 Nev|Rare|Some|Oft|Always N
LL6077-3 Nev|Seldom|QOft|VOft|Alw N
LL6115-1 Always/Sometimes/Never Scored N
LL6276-1 Hardly ever/Occasionally/Sometimes/Always N
LL6298-5 Never|Rare|Sometime|Often|Always N
LL6305-8 Never|Rare|Sometimes|Often|Always|declines|unable N
LL6365-2 Social Isolation N
LL6494-0 Orchestra_6.5_6.1 N