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Basic Properties

Never/Almost never/Sometimes/Almost always/Always
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Never 0 LA6270-8
Almost never 1 LA13866-1
Sometimes 2 LA10082-8
Almost always 3 LA13865-3
Always 4 LA9933-8

LOINC terms using this Answer List

67393-9 I am less outgoing because of my voice problem [PhenX]
67396-2 I feel annoyed when people ask me to repeat [PhenX]
67383-0 I feel as though I have to strain to produce voice [PhenX]
67397-0 I feel embarrassed when people ask me to repeat [PhenX]
67388-9 I feel left out of conversations because of my voice [PhenX]
67384-8 I find other people don't understand my voice problem [PhenX]
67371-5 I run out of air when I talk [PhenX]
67380-6 I speak with friends, neighbors, or relatives less often because of my voice [PhenX]
67377-2 I tend to avoid groups of people because of my voice [PhenX]
67387-1 I try to change my voice to sound different [PhenX]
67389-7 I use a great deal of effort to speak [PhenX]
67375-6 I use the phone less often than I would like [PhenX]
67399-6 I'm ashamed of my voice problem [PhenX]
67376-4 I'm tense when talking with others because of my voice [PhenX]
67374-9 My family has difficulty hearing me when I call them throughout the house [PhenX]
67385-5 My voice difficulties restrict my personal and social life [PhenX]
67395-4 My voice gives out on me in the middle of speaking [PhenX]
67390-5 My voice is worse in the evening [PhenX]
67370-7 My voice makes it difficult for people to hear me [PhenX]
67394-7 My voice makes me feel handicapped [PhenX]
67398-8 My voice makes me feel incompetent [PhenX]
67391-3 My voice problem causes me to lose income [PhenX]
67392-1 My voice problem upsets me [PhenX]
67382-2 My voice sounds creaky and dry [PhenX]
67381-4 People ask me to repeat myself when speaking face-to-face [PhenX]
67379-8 People ask, what's wrong with your voice [PhenX]
67372-3 People have difficulty understanding me in a noisy room [PhenX]
67378-0 People seem irritated with my voice [PhenX]
67386-3 The clarity of my voice is unpredictable [PhenX]
67373-1 The sound of my voice varies throughout the day [PhenX]

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