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[APTA] Surgery relevant to physical therapy
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Answer Code Score Answer ID
Cardio/pulm: Angioplasty LA22097-2
Cardio/pulm: Aorta-iliac-femoral vascular bypass LA25527-5
Cardio/pulm: Aortic dissection repair LA25528-3
Cardio/pulm: Coronary bypass grafting LA25529-1
Cardio/pulm: Defibrillator LA25530-9
Cardio/pulm: Heart surgery (general) LA25531-7
Cardio/pulm: Heart transplant LA25532-5
Cardio/pulm: Lung lobectomy (Wedge resection) LA25533-3
Cardio/pulm: Lung transplant LA25534-1
Cardio/pulm: Lung volume reduction surgery LA25535-8
Cardio/pulm: Maze procedure LA25536-6
Cardio/pulm: Pacemaker placment LA25537-4
Cardio/pulm: Pneumonectomy LA25538-2
Cardio/pulm: Stent placement LA25539-0
Cardio/pulm: Valve replace/repair-Aortic LA25540-8
Cardio/pulm: Valve replace/repair-Mitral LA25541-6
Cardio/pulm: Valve replace/repair-Pulmonary LA25542-4
Cardio/pulm: Valve replace/repair-Tricuspid LA25543-2
Cardio/pulm: Ventricular assistive device LA25544-0
Med: Abdominal surgery LA25545-7
Med: Amputation-Above knee LA25546-5
Med: Amputation-Below knee LA25547-3
Med: Amputation-Transmetatarsal LA25548-1
Med: Bariatric surgery LA25549-9
Med: Breast reconstruction LA25550-7
Med: Breast removal LA25551-5
Med: Colon resection LA25552-3
Med: Esophagectomy LA25553-1
Med: Kyphoplasty LA25554-9
Med: Lumpectomy LA25555-6
Med: NG tube, G-tube placement LA25556-4
Med: Perineoplasty LA25557-2
Med: Prostatectomy LA25558-0
Med: Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous (TRAM) Flap LA25559-8
Med: Urinary Incontinence-Implantation of Sacral Nerve Stimulator or Pudendal Nerve Stimulator LA25560-6
Med: Urinary Incontinence-Pubovaginal (Suburethral) Slings LA25561-4
Med: Urinary Incontinence-Retropubic (Burch) Colposuspension LA25562-2
Neuro: Aneurysm clipping LA25563-0
Neuro: Baclofen pump placement LA25564-8
Neuro: Brain blood clot resection/removal LA25565-5
Neuro: Brain tumor resection/biopsy LA25566-3
Neuro: Craniotomy for pressure relief LA25567-1
Neuro: Deep brain stimulator implant LA25568-9
Neuro: Dorsal rhizotomy LA25569-7
Neuro: Neuroma excisions LA25570-5
Neuro: Shunt placement LA25571-3
Neuro: Tethered cord release LA25572-1
Ortho-Spine: Cervical fusion LA25573-9
Ortho-Spine: Laminectomy LA25574-7
Ortho-Spine: Lumbar disc removal LA25575-4
Ortho-Spine: Lumbar fusion LA25576-2
Ortho-Spine: Rod placements (eg. Harrington Rods) LA25577-0
Ortho-Spine: Thoracic fusion LA25578-8
Ortho-Shd: Biceps tenodesis or release LA25579-6
Ortho-Shd: Cartilage restoration of the glenohumeral joint (Microfracture) LA25580-4
Ortho-Shd: Clavicle distal excision LA25581-2
Ortho-Shd: Dislocation repair (recurrent) LA25582-0
Ortho-Shd: Hemiarthroplasty LA25583-8
Ortho-Shd: ORIF-Humerus LA25584-6
Ortho-Shd: Pectoralis major repair LA25585-3
Ortho-Shd: Rotator cuff repair LA25586-1
Ortho-Shd: Stabilization (e.g. Remplissage Latarjet, Bankhart) LA25587-9
Ortho-Shd: Subacromial decompression LA25588-7
Ortho-Shd: Superior labrum anterior to posterior LA25589-5
Ortho-Shd: Total replacement LA25590-3
Ortho-Shd: Total replacement (Reverse) LA25591-1
Ortho: Tendon lengthening procedures LA25592-9
Ortho-Elbow/wrist/hand: Arthroscopic debridement of elbow LA25593-7
Ortho-Elbow/wrist/hand: Carpal tunnel surgery LA25594-5
Ortho-Elbow/wrist/hand: ORIF of wrist LA25595-2
Ortho-Elbow/wrist/hand: Osteochondritis dissecans LA25596-0
Ortho-Elbow/wrist/hand: UCL reconstruction of elbow LA25597-8
Ortho-Hip/thigh: Arthroplasty LA25598-6
Ortho-Hip/thigh: Arthroscopy with capsular modifications LA25599-4
Ortho-Hip/thigh: Arthroscopy with labral debridement/repair LA25600-0
Ortho-Hip/thigh: Femoroplasty LA25601-8
Ortho-Hip/thigh: Hip resurfacing LA25602-6
Ortho-Hip/thigh: Leg lengthening procedures (e.g. Ilizarov) LA25603-4
Ortho-Hip/thigh: ORIF-Femur LA25604-2
Ortho-Hip/thigh: ORIF-greater trochanter LA25605-9
Ortho-Hip/thigh: Proximal hamstring repair LA25606-7
Ortho-Knee: ACL recon- bone-patellar tendon-bone Allograft LA25607-5
Ortho-Knee: ACL recon- bone-patellar tendon-bone Autograft LA25608-3
Ortho-Knee: ACL Recon-hamstrings Allograft LA25609-1
Ortho-Knee: ACL Recon-hamstrings Autograft LA25610-9
Ortho-Knee: Arthroplasty LA25611-7
Ortho-Knee: Athroscopy LA25612-5
Ortho-Knee: Cartilage repair/restoration (Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI); Microfracture; Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation; Osteochondral Autograft Transplantation (OATs)) LA25613-3
Ortho-Knee: Extensor tendon repair (patellar tendon repair) LA25614-1
Ortho-Knee: MCL reconstruction LA25615-8
Ortho-Knee: Meniscal surgery (arthroscopic debridement, excision (menisectomy), or repair) LA25616-6
Ortho-Knee: Meniscal transplantation Allograft LA25617-4
Ortho-Knee: Osteochondritis dessicans treatment LA25618-2
Ortho-Knee: Osteotomy (medial wedge high tibial, lateral femoral , tibial tubercle) LA25619-0
Ortho-Knee: Patellar instability- arthroscopic lateral release LA25620-8
Ortho-Knee: PCL reconstruction LA25621-6
Ortho-Foot/ankle: Achilles tendon repair LA25622-4
Ortho-Foot/ankle: Achillies tendon refelease LA25623-2
Ortho-Foot/ankle: Bunion procedures LA25624-0
Ortho-Foot/ankle: Cheilectomies LA25516-8
Ortho-Foot/ankle: ORIF– bimalleolar/trimalleolar LA25515-0
Ortho-Foot/ankle: Plantar fascia release LA25517-6
Ortho-Foot/ankle: Posterior tib tendon repair LA25518-4
Ortho-Foot/ankle: Syndesmotic repairs LA25519-2
Women's Health: C-section LA25520-0
Women's Health: Episiotomy LA25521-8
Women's Health: Hysterectomy (TVH or TAH) LA25522-6
Women's Health: Pelvic prolapse repair: (Abdominal sacral colpopexy: Colpocleisis; Enterocele repair; Iliococcygeal vaginal suspension; Sacrospinous ligament suspension; sling; Uterosacral ligament suspension) LA25523-4
Women's Health: Urinary Incontinence-Tension-free Vaginal Tape (TVT) LA25524-2
Other, Please specify: LA46-8
NoneCopyright ID:260413007 None (qualifier value) LA137-2

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76467-0 Surgical history relevant to physical therapy treatment

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