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NoCopyright ID:373067005 No (qualifier value) 0 LA32-8
YesCopyright ID:373066001 Yes (qualifier value) 1 LA33-6

LOINC terms using this Answer List

45879-4 Abnormal lab values in last 90 days [Minimum Data Set]
45783-8 Abrasions or bruises [Minimum Data Set]
45580-8 Absence of contact with family/friends [Minimum Data Set]
45574-1 Accepts invitations to most group activities [Minimum Data Set]
45726-7 Accidents - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45616-0 Activities of daily living rehabilitation potential - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45818-2 Activity preferences - cards or other games [Minimum Data Set]
45819-0 Activity preferences - crafts or arts [Minimum Data Set]
45820-8 Activity preferences - exercise or sports [Minimum Data Set]
45827-3 Activity preferences - gardening or plants [Minimum Data Set]
45829-9 Activity preferences - helping others [Minimum Data Set]
45821-6 Activity preferences - music [Minimum Data Set]
45830-7 Activity preferences - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45822-4 Activity preferences - reading or writing [Minimum Data Set]
45823-2 Activity preferences - spiritual or religious activities [Minimum Data Set]
45828-1 Activity preferences - talking or conversing [Minimum Data Set]
45824-0 Activity preferences - trips or shopping [Minimum Data Set]
45825-7 Activity preferences - walking or wheeling outdoors [Minimum Data Set]
45826-5 Activity preferences - watching TV [Minimum Data Set]
88653-1 Acute heart failure within 24 hours prior to procedure
80250-4 Additional first diagonal artery [Presence] on Angiogram
80252-0 Additional second diagonal artery [Presence] on Angiogram
45477-7 Advance directive - autopsy request [Minimum Data Set]
45475-1 Advance directive - do not hospitalize [Minimum Data Set]
45474-4 Advance directive - do not resuscitate [Minimum Data Set]
45478-5 Advance directive - feeding restrictions [Minimum Data Set]
45479-3 Advance directive - medication restrictions [Minimum Data Set]
45481-9 Advance directive - none [Minimum Data Set]
45476-9 Advance directive - organ donation [Minimum Data Set]
45480-1 Advance directive - other treatment restrictions [Minimum Data Set]
45473-6 Advance directive/living will completed
45753-1 Alcohol or drug treatment program
45675-6 Allergies
45652-5 Alzheimer's disease [Minimum Data Set]
45754-9 Alzheimer's or dementia special care unit [Minimum Data Set]
45676-4 Anemia [Minimum Data Set]
45680-6 Antibiotic resistant infection [Minimum Data Set]
45665-7 Anxiety disorder [Minimum Data Set]
45625-1 Any scheduled toileting plan [Minimum Data Set]
45653-3 Aphasia [Minimum Data Set]
45806-7 Application of dressings (foot) - with or without topical medications [Minimum Data Set]
45797-8 Application of dressings (with or without topical medications) other than to feet [Minimum Data Set]
45798-6 Application of ointments or medications other than to feet [Minimum Data Set]
45639-2 Arteriosclerotic heart disease [Minimum Data Set]
45647-5 Arthritis [Minimum Data Set]
45669-9 Asthma [Minimum Data Set]
45570-9 At ease doing planned or structured activities [Minimum Data Set]
45571-7 At ease doing self-initiated activities [Minimum Data Set]
45569-1 At ease interacting with others [Minimum Data Set]
80246-2 Atrioventricular nodal artery [Presence] on Angiogram
45809-1 Awake in afternoon [Minimum Data Set]
45810-9 Awake in evening [Minimum Data Set]
45808-3 Awake in morning [Minimum Data Set]
45712-7 Back pain [Minimum Data Set]
45444-7 Bathing in PM [Minimum Data Set]
45542-8 Bed rails used for bed mobility or transfer [Minimum Data Set]
45541-0 Bedfast all or most of the time [Minimum Data Set]
45626-9 Bladder retraining program [Minimum Data Set]
45713-5 Bone pain [Minimum Data Set]
45624-4 Bowel elimination pattern - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45620-2 Bowel elimination pattern regular - at least one movement every three days [Minimum Data Set]
45772-1 Broken, loose, or carious teeth [Minimum Data Set]
45485-0 Can recall current season [Minimum Data Set]
45486-8 Can recall location of own room [Minimum Data Set]
45487-6 Can recall staff names/faces [Minimum Data Set]
45488-4 Can recall that he or she is in nursing home [Minimum Data Set]
45677-2 Cancer [Minimum Data Set]
80986-3 Cardiac arrest within 24 hours prior to procedure
45640-0 Cardiac dysrhythmias [Minimum Data Set]
80987-1 Cardiogenic shock within 24 hours prior to procedure
45671-5 Cataracts [Minimum Data Set]
45654-1 Cerebral palsy [Minimum Data Set]
45655-8 Cerebrovascular accident [Minimum Data Set]
45460-3 CHAMPUS Per Diem [Minimum Data Set]
45841-4 Chemotherapy [Minimum Data Set]
45714-3 Chest pain while doing usual activities [Minimum Data Set]
45731-7 Chewing problem [Minimum Data Set]
45737-4 Complains about the taste of many foods [Minimum Data Set]
45727-5 Conditions/diseases make resident's cognitive, ADL, mood or behavior patterns unstable [Minimum Data Set]
45641-8 Congestive heart failure [Minimum Data Set]
45682-2 Conjunctivitis [Minimum Data Set]
45621-0 Constipation [Minimum Data Set]
45634-3 Continence appliances and programs - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
80994-7 Coronary angiography performed
80922-8 Coronary Lesion located at vessel bifurcation
45576-6 Covert/open conflict with or repeated criticism of staff [Minimum Data Set]
45449-6 Daily animal companion/presence [Minimum Data Set]
45774-7 Daily cleaning of teeth or dentures or mouth care by resident or staff [Minimum Data Set]
45446-2 Daily contact with relatives/close friends [Minimum Data Set]
45769-7 Debris - soft, easily movable substances - present in mouth prior to going to bed at night [Minimum Data Set]
45642-6 Deep vein thrombosis [Minimum Data Set]
45698-8 Delusions [Minimum Data Set]
45656-6 Dementia other than Alzheimer's disease [Minimum Data Set]
45953-7 Deprecated Influenza virus vaccine received in facility [Minimum Data Set]
45666-5 Depression [Minimum Data Set]
45636-8 Diabetes mellitus [Minimum Data Set]
45672-3 Diabetic retinopathy [Minimum Data Set]
45842-2 Dialysis [Minimum Data Set]
45622-8 Diarrhea [Minimum Data Set]
45630-1 Did not use toilet room/commode/urinal [Minimum Data Set]
45746-5 Dietary supplement between meals [Minimum Data Set]
45615-2 Difference in ADL Self-Performance or ADL Support, comparing mornings to evenings [Minimum Data Set]
45436-3 Distinct food preferences [Minimum Data Set]
45699-6 Dizziness or vertigo [Minimum Data Set]
45582-4 Does not adjust easily to change in routines [Minimum Data Set]
45437-1 Eats between meals all or most days [Minimum Data Set]
45700-2 Edema [Minimum Data Set]
45670-7 Emphysema or COPD [Minimum Data Set]
45729-1 End-Stage disease, 6 or fewer months to live [Minimum Data Set]
45632-7 Enemas/irrigation [Minimum Data Set]
45572-5 Establishes own goals [Minimum Data Set]
45854-7 Evaluation by a licensed mental health specialist in last 90 days [Minimum Data Set]
45585-7 Expresses sadness/anger/empty feeling over lost roles/status [Minimum Data Set]
45627-7 External catheter [Minimum Data Set]
45470-2 Family member responsible [Minimum Data Set]
45623-6 Fecal impaction [Minimum Data Set]
45742-4 Feeding tube [Minimum Data Set]
45722-6 Fell in past 30 days [Minimum Data Set]
45723-4 Fell in past 31-180 days [Minimum Data Set]
45469-4 Financial durable power attorney [Minimum Data Set]
45448-8 Finds strength in faith [Minimum Data Set]
80249-6 First diagonal artery [Presence] on Angiogram
45807-5 Foot problems and care - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
80997-0 Fractional flow reserve performed
45673-1 Glaucoma [Minimum Data Set]
45430-6 Goes out 1 or more days a week [Minimum Data Set]
45855-4 Group therapy [Minimum Data Set]
45702-8 Hallucinations [Minimum Data Set]
45770-5 Has dentures or removable bridge [Minimum Data Set]
45442-1 Has irregular bowel movement pattern [Minimum Data Set]
45715-0 Headache [Minimum Data Set]
45468-6 Health care durable power attorney [Minimum Data Set]
45500-6 Hearing aid present and not used regularly [Minimum Data Set]
45499-1 Hearing aid present and used [Minimum Data Set]
45657-4 Hemiplegia or hemiparesis [Minimum Data Set]
45648-3 Hip fracture [Minimum Data Set]
45724-2 Hip fracture in last 180 days [Minimum Data Set]
88654-9 History of Coronary artery bypass graft surgery
88655-6 History of Hyperlipidemia
88656-4 History of Percutaneous coronary intervention
45412-4 History of prior stay at this nursing home [Minimum Data Set]
45782-0 History of resolved ulcers [Minimum Data Set]
45415-7 History of stay at mental health/psychiatric setting [Minimum Data Set]
45416-5 History of stay in mental retardation and developmental disabilities setting [Minimum Data Set]
45413-2 History of stay in other nursing home [Minimum Data Set]
45414-0 History of stay in other residential facility [Minimum Data Set]
45683-0 HIV infection [Minimum Data Set]
45755-6 Hospice care [Minimum Data Set]
45643-4 Hypertension [Minimum Data Set]
45637-6 Hyperthyroidism [Minimum Data Set]
45644-2 Hypotension [Minimum Data Set]
45638-4 Hypothyroidism [Minimum Data Set]
45440-5 In bedclothes much of day [Minimum Data Set]
45695-4 Inability to lie flat due to shortness of breath [Minimum Data Set]
45717-6 Incisional pain [Minimum Data Set]
45628-5 Indwelling catheter [Minimum Data Set]
45802-6 Infection of foot [Minimum Data Set]
45681-4 Infection with Clostridioides difficile [Minimum Data Set]
45692-1 Infections - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45773-9 Inflamed, swollen, or bleeding gums, oral abscesses; ulcers or rashes [Minimum Data Set]
45697-0 Insufficient fluid; did NOT consume all or almost all liquids provided during last 3 days [Minimum Data Set]
45844-8 Intake/output [Minimum Data Set]
45629-3 Intermittent catheter [Minimum Data Set]
80998-8 Intra-aortic balloon pump used
80996-2 Intravascular ultrasound performed
45450-4 Involved in group activities [Minimum Data Set]
45843-0 IV medication [Minimum Data Set]
45718-4 Joint pain [Minimum Data Set]
45739-0 Leaves 25%+ food uneaten at most meals [Minimum Data Set]
80995-4 Left ventriculography performed
45466-0 Legal guardian [Minimum Data Set]
45543-6 Lifted manually [Minimum Data Set]
45544-4 Lifted mechanically [Minimum Data Set]
45674-9 Macular degeneration [Minimum Data Set]
45667-3 Manic depression [Minimum Data Set]
45743-2 Mechanically altered diet [Minimum Data Set]
45456-1 Medicaid per diem [Minimum Data Set]
45463-7 Medicaid resident liability or Medicare copayment [Minimum Data Set]
45458-7 Medicare ancillary part A [Minimum Data Set]
45459-5 Medicare ancillary part B [Minimum Data Set]
45457-9 Medicare per diem [Minimum Data Set]
45489-2 Memory/recall - none of above are recalled [Minimum Data Set]
45420-7 Mental health history [Minimum Data Set]
80254-6 Mid and distal left circumflex artery [Presence] on Angiogram
45649-1 Missing limb [Minimum Data Set]
45509-7 Modes of expression - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45845-5 Monitoring of acute medical condition [Minimum Data Set]
45858-8 Mood, behavior, cognitive loss programs - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45733-3 Mouth pain [Minimum Data Set]
45433-0 Moves independently indoors [Minimum Data Set]
45658-2 Multiple sclerosis [Minimum Data Set]
45804-2 Nails/calluses trimmed during last 90 days [Minimum Data Set]
45429-8 Naps regularly during day [Minimum Data Set]
45834-9 New medications [Minimum Data Set]
45502-2 No communication device [Minimum Data Set]
45546-9 No mode of transfer [Minimum Data Set]
45540-2 No modes of locomotion [Minimum Data Set]
45583-2 No unsettled relationships [Minimum Data Set]
45514-7 No visual limitations [Minimum Data Set]
45445-4 None of the listed additional ADL patterns [Minimum Data Set]
45435-5 None of the listed cycle of daily events [Minimum Data Set]
45679-8 None of the listed diseases or conditions [Minimum Data Set]
45439-7 None of the listed eating patterns [Minimum Data Set]
45451-2 None of the listed involvement patterns [Minimum Data Set]
45417-3 None of the listed prior residential settings [Minimum Data Set]
45794-5 Nutrition or hydration intervention to manage skin problems [Minimum Data Set]
45749-9 Nutritional approaches - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45740-8 Nutritional problems - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
80253-8 Obtuse marginal artery [Presence] on Angiogram
45748-1 On a planned weight change program [Minimum Data Set]
45801-8 One or more foot problems [Minimum Data Set]
45803-4 Open lesions on the foot [Minimum Data Set]
45785-3 Open lesions other than ulcers, rashes, cuts [Minimum Data Set]
45579-0 Openly expresses conflict/anger with family/friends [Minimum Data Set]
45734-1 Oral problems - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45775-4 Oral status/disease prevention - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45650-9 Osteoporosis [Minimum Data Set]
45846-3 Ostomy care [Minimum Data Set]
45633-5 Ostomy present [Minimum Data Set]
45646-7 Other cardiovascular disease [Minimum Data Set]
45725-9 Other fracture in last 180 days [Minimum Data Set]
45467-8 Other legal oversight [Minimum Data Set]
45721-8 Other pain [Minimum Data Set]
45465-2 Other per diem [Minimum Data Set]
45538-6 Other person wheeled [Minimum Data Set]
45799-4 Other preventative or protective skin care other than to feet [Minimum Data Set]
45501-4 Other receptive communication techniques used [Minimum Data Set]
45790-3 Other skin problems - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45847-1 Oxygen therapy [Minimum Data Set]
45631-9 Pads/briefs used [Minimum Data Set]
45895-0 Parallel bars used by resident in association with this episode [Minimum Data Set]
45659-0 Paraplegia [Minimum Data Set]
45741-6 Parenteral IV [Minimum Data Set]
45660-8 Parkinson's disease [Minimum Data Set]
45884-4 Participation in assessment [Minimum Data Set]
45587-3 Past roles - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45651-7 Pathological bone fracture [Minimum Data Set]
45471-0 Patient responsible for self [Minimum Data Set]
45756-4 Pediatric unit [Minimum Data Set]
45645-9 Peripheral vascular disease [Minimum Data Set]
45747-3 Plate guard, stabilized built-up utensil, etc. [Minimum Data Set]
45955-2 Pneumococcal vaccine status up to date [Minimum Data Set]
45684-8 Pneumonia [Minimum Data Set]
80256-1 Posterior descending branch from left circumflex artery [Presence] on Angiogram
80247-0 Posterior descending branch from right coronary artery [Presence] on Angiogram
80248-8 Posterolateral branch from right coronary artery [Presence] on Angiogram
80255-3 Posterolateral from left circumflex artery [Presence] on Angiogram
45817-4 Preferred activitty setting - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45814-1 Preferred activity setting - day or activity room [Minimum Data Set]
45815-8 Preferred activity setting - inside NH/off unit [Minimum Data Set]
45816-6 Preferred activity setting - outside facility [Minimum Data Set]
45813-3 Preferred activity setting - own room [Minimum Data Set]
45792-9 Pressure relieving devices for bed [Minimum Data Set]
45791-1 Pressure relieving devices for chair [Minimum Data Set]
45464-5 Private insurance per diem [Minimum Data Set]
45709-3 Problem conditions - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45573-3 Pursues involvement in life of facility [Minimum Data Set]
45661-6 Quadriplegia [Minimum Data Set]
45848-9 Radiation [Minimum Data Set]
80257-9 Ramus intermedius branch from left main coronary artery [Presence] on Angiogram
45786-1 Rashes [Minimum Data Set]
45805-9 Received preventative or protective foot care [Minimum Data Set]
45581-6 Recent loss of close family member/friend [Minimum Data Set]
45704-4 Recurrent lung aspirations in last 90 days [Minimum Data Set]
45738-2 Regular or repetitive complaints of hunger [Minimum Data Set]
45678-0 Renal failure [Minimum Data Set]
45857-0 Reorientation [Minimum Data Set]
45614-5 Resident able to perform tasks or activity but is very slow [Minimum Data Set]
45917-2 Resident assessment protocol 1--Delirium - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45935-4 Resident assessment protocol 10--Activities - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45937-0 Resident assessment protocol 11--Falls - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45939-6 Resident assessment protocol 12--Nutritional status - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45941-2 Resident assessment protocol 13--Feeding tubes - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45943-8 Resident assessment protocol 14--Dehydration/Fluid maint - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45945-3 Resident assessment protocol 15--Dental care - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45947-9 Resident assessment protocol 16--Pressure injuries - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45949-5 Resident assessment protocol 17--Psychotropic drug - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45951-1 Resident assessment protocol 18--Physical restraints - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45919-8 Resident assessment protocol 2--Cognitive loss - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45921-4 Resident assessment protocol 3--Visual function - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45923-0 Resident assessment protocol 4--Communication - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45925-5 Resident assessment protocol 5--ADL functional/Rehab - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45927-1 Resident assessment protocol 6--Urinary incontinence - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45929-7 Resident assessment protocol 7--Psychosocial - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45931-3 Resident assessment protocol 8--Mood state - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45933-9 Resident assessment protocol 9--Behavioral symptoms - proceed with care [Minimum Data Set]
45728-3 Resident experiencing an acute episode or a flare-up of a recurrent or chronic problem [Minimum Data Set]
45880-2 Resident expresses/indicates preference to return to the community [Minimum Data Set]
45881-0 Resident has a support person who is positive towards discharge [Minimum Data Set]
45586-5 Resident perceives that daily routine (customary routine, activities) is very different from prior pattern in the community [Minimum Data Set]
45856-2 Resident-specific deliberate changes in the environment to address mood/behavior patterns [Minimum Data Set]
45685-5 Respiratory infection [Minimum Data Set]
45757-2 Respite care [Minimum Data Set]
45472-8 Responsibility - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45668-1 Schizophrenia [Minimum Data Set]
80251-2 Second diagonal artery [Presence] on Angiogram
45784-6 Second or third degree burns [Minimum Data Set]
45513-9 Sees halos or rings around lights, flashes of light, or curtains over eyes [Minimum Data Set]
45662-4 Seizure disorder [Minimum Data Set]
45462-9 Self or family pays for full per diem [Minimum Data Set]
45575-8 Sense of initiative - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45686-3 Septicemia [Minimum Data Set]
45687-1 Sexually transmitted diseases [Minimum Data Set]
45705-1 Shortness of breath [Minimum Data Set]
45443-9 Showers for bathing [Minimum Data Set]
45512-1 Side vision problems [Minimum Data Set]
45787-9 Skin desensitized to pain or pressure [Minimum Data Set]
45788-7 Skin tears or cuts (other than surgery) [Minimum Data Set]
45800-0 Skin treatments - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45719-2 Soft tissue pain [Minimum Data Set]
45771-3 Some or all natural teeth lost but does not have or use dentures or partial plates [Minimum Data Set]
81433-5 Spasm induced Coronary arteries
81434-3 Spasm symptom induced
45853-9 Special behavior symptom evaluation program [Minimum Data Set]
45759-8 Special treatments/programs - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45432-2 Spends most time alone or watching TV [Minimum Data Set]
45730-9 Stability of conditions - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45431-4 Stays busy with hobbies, reading or fixed daily routine [Minimum Data Set]
45428-0 Stays up late at night [Minimum Data Set]
45720-0 Stomach pain [Minimum Data Set]
45584-0 Strong identification with past roles and life status [Minimum Data Set]
45849-7 Suctioning [Minimum Data Set]
45796-0 Surgical wound care [Minimum Data Set]
45789-5 Surgical wounds [Minimum Data Set]
45732-5 Swallowing problem [Minimum Data Set]
45706-9 Syncope [Minimum Data Set]
45744-0 Syringe or oral feeding [Minimum Data Set]
45611-1 Task segmentation [Minimum Data Set]
45745-7 Therapeutic diet [Minimum Data Set]
45888-5 Therapy orders to begin in 1st 14 days of stay [Minimum Data Set]
80988-9 Thrombus Stent
45811-7 Time awake - none of above [Minimum Data Set]
45850-5 Tracheostomy care [Minimum Data Set]
45758-0 Training in skills required to return to the community [Minimum Data Set]
45545-1 Transfer aid [Minimum Data Set]
45851-3 Transfusions [Minimum Data Set]
45663-2 Transient ischemic attack [Minimum Data Set]
45664-0 Traumatic brain injury [Minimum Data Set]
45688-9 Tuberculosis [Minimum Data Set]
45793-7 Turning or repositioning program [Minimum Data Set]
45795-2 Ulcer care [Minimum Data Set]
45578-2 Unhappy with residents other than roommate [Minimum Data Set]
45577-4 Unhappy with roommate [Minimum Data Set]
45452-0 Unknown customary routine - resident/family unable to provide information [Minimum Data Set]
45707-7 Unsteady gait [Minimum Data Set]
45689-7 Urinary tract infection in last 30 days [Minimum Data Set]
45438-9 Use of alcohol at least weekly [Minimum Data Set]
45434-8 Use of tobacco products at least daily [Minimum Data Set]
45505-5 Uses American sign language or Braille [Minimum Data Set]
45536-0 Uses cane, walker or crutch [Minimum Data Set]
45507-1 Uses communication board [Minimum Data Set]
45508-9 Uses other modes of expression [Minimum Data Set]
45506-3 Uses signs/gestures/sounds [Minimum Data Set]
45503-0 Uses speech [Minimum Data Set]
45504-8 Uses written messages to express or clarify needs [Minimum Data Set]
45447-0 Usually attends church, temple, etc. [Minimum Data Set]
45461-1 VA Per Diem [Minimum Data Set]
45752-3 Ventilator or respirator [Minimum Data Set]
45690-5 Viral hepatitis [Minimum Data Set]
45515-4 Visual appliances [Minimum Data Set]
45441-3 Wakens to toilet all or most nights [Minimum Data Set]
45736-6 Weight gain [Minimum Data Set]
45694-7 Weight gain or loss of 3+ Lbs. within a 7 day period [Minimum Data Set]
45735-8 Weight loss [Minimum Data Set]
45539-4 Wheelchair primary mode of locomotion [Minimum Data Set]
45537-8 Wheeled self [Minimum Data Set]
45691-3 Wound infection [Minimum Data Set]

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