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Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1005-9 PhenX05_18_dietary supplements N
LL106-6 CR_1490_Support referral N
LL1088-5 PhenX06_11_farm N
LL1095-0 PhenX06_18 N
LL1098-4 PhenX06_21_living sibling N
LL1104-0 PhenX06_27_workspace renovation N
LL1109-9 PhenX06_31_flooring amt N
LL1110-7 PhenX07_01 N
LL1111-5 PhenX07_02_drinking weekly age range N
LL1118-0 PhenX07_09_Ca screening testing N
LL1133-9 PhenX07_24_use steroids/statins N
LL1144-6 PhenX08_11 N
LL1145-3 PhenX08_12_cleft lip dx N
LL1150-3 PhenX08_17-dental floss freq N
LL1155-2 PhenX09_01 N
LL1192-5 PhenX10_03_tubal ligation status N
LL1198-2 PhenX10_09_hysterectomy N
LL1209-7 PhenX10_20_HPV vaccination N
LL1211-3 PhenX10_22_male genitalia probs N
LL1225-3 PhenX10_36_no periods >3Mos N
LL1228-7 PhenX10_39_periods stopped N
LL1231-1 PhenX10_42_urination probs N
LL1239-4 PhenX11_01_eye/reading probs N
LL1241-0 PhenX11_03_difficulty drawing,coloring N
LL1246-9 PhenX11_08_myopia tx N
LL1247-7 PhenX11_09 N
LL1252-7 PhenX11_14_diabetic retinopathy surg N
LL1260-0 PhenX11_22_child glasses, contacts N
LL1270-9 PhenX12_02 N
LL1353-3 PhenX03_01_alcohol responses N
LL1362-4 PhenX12_83 N
LL1391-3 PhenX13_26 N
LL1404-4 PhenX14_02 N
LL1469-7 PhenX07_34_estrogen use N
LL1491-1 PhenX08_31_cleft palate, presence, relative N
LL1497-8 PhenX07_46_progesterone/progestin use N
LL1500-9 PhenX09_33_cold to chest N
LL1502-5 MDSv3_J1700A N
LL1522-3 PhenX11_31_past dry eyes N
LL1545-4 Phenx11_44_sleep w/ contacts in N
LL1555-3 PhenX10_59 N
LL1557-9 PhenX10_61 N
LL1599-1 Phenx11_79 N
LL1643-7 PhenX14_35 N
LL1646-0 PhenX17_05 N
LL1650-2 PhenX17_09 N
LL1659-3 PhenX19_05 N
LL1667-6 PhenX19_13_cecum visualization N
LL1697-3 PhenX20_01_ear tube presence N
LL1699-9 PhenX20_03_hear better in one ear N
LL1710-4 PhenX20_11 N
LL1711-2 PhenX20_12 N
LL1714-6 PhenX20_13 N
LL1716-1 PhenX20_15_dizziness attack N
LL1725-2 PhenX20_24_ears N
LL1726-0 PhenX20_25_ ear discharge N
LL1727-8 PhenX20_26 N
LL1745-0 PhenX20_36_white finger syndrome response N
LL1763-3 PhenX21_12_person cause problems N
LL1788-0 NEMSIS_01_cardiac arrest N
LL1791-4 NEMSIS_04_AED prior N
LL1793-0 NEMSIS_06_ return circulation N
LL1797-1 NEMSIS_10_EMD performed N
LL1820-1 NEMSIS_33_pregnancy N
LL1872-2 FMQAI_01 N
LL1942-3 Death certificate_tobacco use N
LL1951-4 NEMSIS_82_healthcare facility activation N
LL1959-7 PhenX17_14_death in hospitalization N
LL1964-7 PhenX15_18 N
LL2070-2 FACIT-TS-G- treatment choice N
LL208-0 CR_360_Fam hx of cancer N
LL2349-0 Reported event previously N
LL2438-1 Y/N/ Not Given N
LL251-0 OASIS_M0200 N
LL2514-9 Yes-no-Infant transferred,status unk N
LL2533-9 Planned to deliver at home N
LL276-7 OASIS_M0510_UTI treatment N
LL2823-4 AHRQ_PIF_11 N
LL2828-3 AHRQ_Y/N N
LL2850-7 Y/N/NA N
LL2916-6 CDC.CS_Y,N,Unk N
LL2928-1 CDC.CS_29a_Y, N, No test, Unk N
LL2952-1 MDSv3_Q0490-Y/N/Info not available N
LL3009-9 Orchestra_5.1 N
LL3044-6 Yes/No/Unk N
LL3139-4 Y/N/UTD/NI N
LL323-7 OASIS_M0825_Therapy need N
LL3570-0 PROMIS_24 N
LL361-7 Y/N N
LL3620-3 Y/N (Word pronounced correctly or incorrectly) N
LL365-8 [HL7-0136] Yes|No N
LL369-0 [HL7-9022] Yes 1 cond|Yes 2-3 cond|Yes >3 cond|No N
LL3718-5 Yes (0)|No (1)|Don't Know (1)|N/A (1) N
LL3737-5 No|Yes_please describe test and result N
LL376-5 HL79023_Referred N
LL3789-6 No|Yes, please specify N
LL3792-0 No|Yes|Ambiguous|Unknown N
LL3793-8 Yes|No|Not tested N
LL4027-0 Yes | No | DK/NS | Refused N
LL4029-6 Yes | No | Parents not married | DK/NS | Refused N
LL4122-9 yes|no|no info|unk|other N
LL4128-6 Yes, specify | No | Unknown N
LL4139-3 Confirmed|Probable|No|Unknown N
LL4140-1 Yes|No|Not asked|Refused to answer N
LL4175-7 Yes (1) | No (0) | If no, record time N
LL4184-9 No | Yes | Unknown 8 N
LL4185-6 No (0) | Yes (2) N
LL42-3 MDS_1936_Family participation N
LL4222-7 Yes (1) |Sometimes (2) |No (3) N
LL4256-5 No (0) | Yes (1) N
LL43-1 MDS_1942_Significant other participation N
LL4435-5 NKDEP_Hospice care N
LL4498-3 CMS_OASIS C2 Fall Risk Assessment N
LL4500-6 CMS_Plan of care-notifying physician of changes N
LL4502-2 CMS_Plan of care-diabetic foot care N
LL4506-3 CMS_Plan of care-fall prevention interventions N
LL4507-1 CMS_Plan of care-depression interventions N
LL4508-9 CMS_Plan of care-monitor and mitigate pain N
LL4509-7 CMS_Plan of care-prevent pressure ulcers N
LL4510-5 CMS_Plan of care-moist wound healing N
LL4512-1 CMS_Stasis ulcers N
LL4520-4 CMS_OASIS Medication Intervention N
LL4522-0 CMS_OASIS Intervention Synopsis N
LL4523-8 CMS_OASIS-transfer Depression interventions N
LL4524-6 CMS_OASIS-transfer Intervention-pain N
LL4525-3 CMS_OASIS-transfer Intervention-pressure ulcers N
LL4528-7 CMS_OASIS UTI minus UK option N
LL4587-3 CMS_MDS Ax participation-family N
LL4588-1 CMS_MDS Ax participation-guardian N
LL4593-1 CMS_OASIS surgical wound N
LL4624-4 CMS_MDS No(J0400=1thru4),Yes(J0400-9) N
LL4651-7 No|Yes,wound covered|Yes,wound not covered|Unknown N
LL4698-8 CMS_LCDS Medication intervention N
LL4866-1 Yes(1)|No(0)|DK/NS(8)|Refused(9) N
LL4951-1 Yes | No | Not currently taking aspirin N
LL498-7 HL70136x_Addl insured on auto N
LL4996-6 CMS_MDS Medication intervention N
LL50-6 MDS_117 N
LL5053-5 Yes (X)|No N
LL5056-8 Return of spontaneous circulation N
LL518-2 GDS_1 N
LL519-0 GDS_2 N
LL5249-9 No N
LL5332-3 Y|N|Choose Not to Answer N
LL5333-1 PRAPARE_Y|N|Unsure|Choose not to answer N
LL5336-4 PRAPARE_Y-medical|Y-non-medical|No|Ch Not Answer N
LL5355-4 PRAPARE_Y|N|Unsure|No Partner|Not Answer N
LL5384-4 C-SSRS - Yes, Describe|No N
LL5401-6 CMS_LCDS v5.0 - Comatose (B0100) N
LL5404-0 CMS_LCDS v5 - Medication Intervention (N2005) N
LL5417-2 IRF-PAI v of PRAPARE Lack of Transportation N
LL5419-8 CMS_IRF-PAI - Medication Intervention N
LL5466-9 Yes|No N
LL5468-5 Yes, If yes, describe|No N
LL5521-1 Yes/No/Unk/Not Assessed N
LL554-7 CARE_3_g01_Pressure ulcer risk N
LL5540-1 Entrapment N
LL5547-6 Bag-mask-ventilation N
LL556-2 CARE_3_g04_Stage 3/4 unhealed ulcers N
LL5584-9 Yes | No | DK N
LL5605-2 Yes|No|Refused to answer|Asked Unk|Unk N
LL5619-3 NPASS_Pain: Gestational Age <30 weeks N
LL5654-0 Yes,many|Yes, a few|No N
LL569-5 CARE_4_g01_Pain N
LL570-3 DO NOT USE-CARE_4_g02 N
LL5711-8 AAPCHO - Intervention/Enabling In English N
LL5726-6 Yes|No|Maybe Later N
LL5730-8 Yes(3)\No(0) N
LL5818-1 No/Neck complications N
LL5820-7 Further operations N
LL584-4 CARE_5_g01b_Sitting Endurance N
LL5856-1 No (0)/Yes (2) N
LL5858-7 No (0)/Yes (5) N
LL5859-5 FINDRISC - Fam Hx Diabetes N
LL5875-1 Yes, if yes which|No N
LL5878-5 Utility shut off risk N
LL5884-3 COVEX Job loss N
LL5885-0 COVEX Work Changes N
LL5886-8 COVEX Student Status N
LL5887-6 COVEX Continued Student N
LL593-5 CARE_8_a06_Willing Caregiver N
LL5944-5 No/Yes/Past year N
LL5949-4 No/ Yes, please describe these N
LL5954-4 Yes 2 / No 0 N
LL5955-1 Yes 1/ No 0 N
LL5981-7 Yes 2 / No 0 / Don't Know 0 N
LL6-8 MDS_104_Lived alone N
LL6004-7 Yes|No|Not applicable N
LL6048-4 Medication refill arrangements - w/codes N
LL6052-6 Medication refill arrangements - w/o codes N
LL6059-1 Yes|No|NA N
LL6090-6 Yes (a)|No (b) N
LL6091-4 Homelessness N
LL6098-9 Y-may,Y-Few, No N
LL6127-6 CMS_OASIS Stasis ulcers N
LL6128-4 Shortness of breath - affect normal activities N
LL6131-8 Confirmed by test or suspected N
LL6155-7 Transportation impact N
LL6161-5 Yes|No|Unsure N
LL6185-4 Y-def|Y-some|No N
LL6190-4 Achieved goal N
LL6197-9 Yes|No|Other N
LL623-0 USSG-FHT twin N
LL624-8 Yes|No|Unknown N
LL6250-6 Yes 1 person|Yes >1 person|No|DK|Refused N
LL6295-1 Lack of Transportation N
LL6329-8 Schmid fall N
LL633-9 MDSv3_A1100A N
LL634-7 MDSv3_A1500 N
LL6359-5 Y/N score N
LL6384-3 Unmet healthcare needs N
LL6385-0 Orchestra_0.1_ability_to_work N
LL6402-3 Hot and cold running water_[ACS] N
LL6406-4 Does household, apart, or mobile home use phones N
LL6415-5 House, apart, mobile home have bathtub or shower N
LL6421-3 Does house, apart, mobile home have sink w facet N
LL6424-7 Does house, apart, mobile home have stove or range N
LL6428-8 Does household, apart, mobile home have fridge N
LL6450-2 Household, apart, mobile memb own desktop/laptop N
LL6453-6 Does household, apart, mobile home use smart phone N
LL6465-0 House, apart, mobile use tablet, portab WIFI comp N
LL6478-3 House, apart, mobile members use other comput type N
LL6490-8 Pacmed_non-invasive mechanical ventilation support N
LL6491-6 Invasive mechanical ventilation support N
LL6492-4 Orchestra_6.1_6.1 N
LL6496-5 Orchestra 5.1 N
LL6509-5 Transportation - CMS N
LL653-7 MDSv3_D0200A1 N
LL665-1 MDSv3_J0300 N
LL675-0 MDSv3_O0200A N
LL679-2 MDSv3_Q0100B N
LL680-0 MDSv3_Q0200 N
LL723-8 CARE_3_G1_Risk of developing ulcer N
LL731-1 CARE_F2a N
LL780-8 OASIS-C_M1040 N
LL794-9 OASIS-C_M1330 N
LL799-8 OASIS-C_M1500 N
LL803-8 OASIS-C_M1730 N
LL815-2 OASIS-C_M2004 N
LL816-0 OASIS-C_M2010 N
LL817-8 OASIS-C_M2015 N
LL823-6 OASIS-C_M2250 N
LL824-4 OASIS-C_M2300 N
LL843-4 MDSv3.0_A0310A N
LL849-1 OASIS_M1340 N
LL857-4 MDSv3_Q0500A N
LL860-8 MDSv3_Q0100C N
LL863-2 Y/N/Dk N
LL864-0 Heart attack age N
LL865-7 Y/N/Ns N
LL866-5 N/Yn/Ynn/U N
LL867-3 N/Y 1/2 N
LL868-1 N/Y/M/Dk N
LL869-9 AnginaLoc N
LL870-7 AnginaRad N
LL872-3 AnginaRelief N
LL873-1 N/Y/M/U N
LL874-9 Y/N/Unc N
LL884-8 ProcRel N
LL890-5 Hosp/MD N
LL899-6 MFS_1 N
LL900-2 MFS_2 N
LL902-8 MFS_4 N
LL963-0 Y1/N0 N
LL988-7 PhenX05_01 N