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Not at all/Extremely
Answers:5; Scale:Ord; Code:-; Score:-
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Not at all 0 LA6568-5
A little bit 1 LA13863-8
Moderately 2 LA13939-6
Quite a bit 3 LA13902-4
Extremely 4 LA14868-6

LOINC terms using this Answer List

98924-4 Ability to concentrate in last 2 weeks
98928-5 Able to accept body appearance in last 2 weeks
98930-1 Availability of information needed in daily life in last 2 weeks
101709-4 Avoiding external reminders of the stressful experience (for example, people, places, conversations, activities, objects, or situations) [PCL-5]
101708-6 Avoiding memories, thoughts, or feelings related to the stressful experience [PCL-5]
101715-1 Being superalert or watchful or on guard [PCL-5]
101700-3 Blaming yourself or someone else for the stressful experience or what happened after it [PCL-5]
98921-0 Dependency on medical treatment to function in daily life in last 2 weeks
98922-8 Enjoyment of life in last 2 weeks
98931-9 Extent of opportunity for leisure activities in last 2 weeks
98920-2 Extent that physical pain prevents activity in last 2 weeks
98923-6 Extent to which life is meaningful in last 2 weeks
101712-8 Feeling distant or cut off from other people [PCL-5]
101716-9 Feeling jumpy or easily startled [PCL-5]
101706-0 Feeling very upset when something reminded you of the stressful experience [PCL-5]
98927-7 Have enough energy for everyday life in last 2 weeks
98929-3 Have enough money to meet needs in last 2 weeks
101717-7 Having difficulty concentrating [PCL-5]
101699-7 Having strong negative beliefs about yourself, others, or the world [PCL-5]
101701-1 Having strong negative feelings such as fear, horror, anger, guilt, or shame [PCL-5]
101707-8 Having strong physical reactions when something reminded you of the stressful experience (for example, heart pounding, trouble breathing, sweating) [PCL-5]
98926-9 Healthiness of physical environment in last 2 weeks
97330-5 How much did health condition interfere with normal work in past week in the past week
98925-1 How safe do you feel in your daily life in last 2 weeks
101714-4 Irritable behavior, angry outbursts, or acting aggressively [PCL-5]
101711-0 Loss of interest in activities that you used to enjoy [PCL-5]
101704-5 Repeated, disturbing dreams of the stressful experience [PCL-5]
101703-7 Repeated, disturbing, and unwanted memories of the stressful experience [PCL-5]
101705-2 Suddenly feeling or acting as if the stressful experience were actually happening again (as if you were actually back there reliving it) [PCL-5]
101702-9 Taking too many risks or doing things that could cause you harm [PCL-5]
101713-6 Trouble experiencing positive feelings (for example, being unable to feel happiness or have loving feelings for people close to you) [PCL-5]
101718-5 Trouble falling or staying asleep [PCL-5]
101710-2 Trouble remembering important parts of the stressful experience [PCL-5]

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