Version 2.77

Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1017-4 [PROMIS] Not at all|Lit bit|Somwh|Qte bit|Ver much N
LL2037-1 PTSD Checklist - PCL N
LL2095-9 FACT-G N
LL3325-9 NotAtAll(5)|Little(4)|Some(3)|Quite(2)|VeryMuch(1) N
LL5132-7 NotAtAll(5)|Little(4)|Some(3)|Quite(2)|Very(1)|NA N
LL5209-3 [PROMIS]NotAtAll(1|Lit bit(1|Som(2|Qte bit(3|Ver(4 N
LL5215-0 Not at all 0 | Very much 4 N
LL5265-5 GWB Schedule_Level of anxious, worried, upset N
LL5275-4 GWB Schedule_Level of sadness, discouraged N
LL5354-7 PRAPARE_Not|lil bit|somwht|qt bit|v much|not answe N
LL5669-8 Not at all|Li'l bit|Somew|Quite bit|Extrem N
LL5813-2 Not at all/Extremely N