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NoCopyright ID:373067005 No (qualifier value) 1 LA32-8
YesCopyright ID:373066001 Yes (qualifier value) 2 LA33-6
Not sure 8 LA12693-0

LOINC terms using this Answer List

72177-9 Congenital anomalies noted [RHEA]
64839-4 Did this relative have this strabismus treatment [PhenX]
63934-4 Did you have this treatment or therapy for cancer [PhenX]
63941-9 Did you receive any other types of therapy [PhenX]
64825-3 Do you ever tilt your head when looking straight [PhenX]
64830-3 Do you have a coloboma, absence or defect of ocular tissue ranging from a small pit in the optic disk to extensive defects in the iris, ciliary body, choroid, retina, or optic disk [PhenX]
64833-7 Do you have any abnormal ocular features [PhenX]
64834-5 Do you have any retinal defects, retinal tears, detachments, etc [PhenX]
64835-2 Do you have any visual impairment other than previously noted [PhenX]
64832-9 Do you have epibulbar dermoid, eye tumors that are not recurrent or progressive [PhenX]
64831-1 Do you have microphthalmia, abnormally small eye [PhenX]
58292-4 Ever told by doctor or nurse that you have high blood cholesterol
58295-7 Ever told by doctor or nurse that you have high blood pressure
72178-7 Given a mosquito net [RHEA]
72180-3 Given iron and folic acid [RHEA]
72179-5 Given pyrimethamine sulfadoxine - starting at 4th month [RHEA]
64823-8 Have you ever had a crossed or wandering eye, amblyopia [PhenX]
64824-6 Have you ever had double vision [PhenX]
64826-1 Have you ever undergone eye muscle surgery [PhenX]
64827-9 Have you ever worn a patch or used eye drops, atropine penalization for eye correction [PhenX]
64828-7 Have you ever worn glasses or contacts [PhenX]
63943-5 Have you had a recurrence with this cancer [PhenX]
58301-3 High blood pressure without toxemia during this pregnancy
72181-1 HIV results shared with partner [RHEA]
72175-3 Physician assessment necessary [RHEA]
72152-2 Tested for HIV [RHEA]
72182-9 Tested for HIV Significant other [RHEA]
58300-5 Toxemia including high blood pressure, albumin in urine and swelling of ankles during this pregnancy
72184-5 Treated for syphillis [RHEA]
72183-7 Treated for syphillis Significant other [RHEA]

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