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CR_1410_BRM treatment
NAACCR - RX Summ--BRM Treatment-1st Course
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Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
NoneCopyright ID:260413007 None (qualifier value) 0 LA137-2
Immunotherapy was not administered because the patient died prior to planned or recommended therapy 85 LA3936-7
Immunotherapy was recommended, but it is unknown if it was administered 88 LA3947-4
Immunotherapy was recommended by the physician, but was refused by patient/family member/guardian 87 LA3948-2
Immunotherapy not recommended/administered due to patient risks (comorbid conditions, advanced age) 82 LA3952-4
Immunotherapy administered as first-course therapy 01 LA3957-3
Immunotherapy was recommended by the physician, but was not administered; no reason was stated 86 LA3964-9
Combination of 1 and any 2, 3, 4, or 5 6 LA4212-2
Biological response modifier (BRM) 1 LA4272-6
Bone marrow transplant, NOS 4 LA4278-3
Bone marrow transplant?allogeneic 3 LA4279-1
Bone marrow transplant?autologous 2 LA4280-9
Biological response modifier recommended, unknown if adminis 8 LA4282-5
Unknown if BRM administered 9 LA4400-3
Unknown if immunotherapy recommended/administered (not in pat. record); death certificate-only cases 99 LA4414-4
Stem Cell Transplant 5 LA4478-9
UnknownCopyright ID:261665006 Unknown (qualifier value) 00 LA4489-6
Patient or patient's guardian refused 7 LA4640-4

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21948-5 Biological response modifier treatment Cancer

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