Abbreviations and acronyms used in LOINC

This is an alphabetical list of the abbreviations and acronyms used across LOINC. It is a work in progress and to date, primarily contains abbreviations/acronyms used in various LOINC Parts, except for Components.

The list does not include combinations of abbreviations and acronyms that are separated by a delimiter (e.g. Ser/Plas, Ser+CSF) since we have many such combinations in LOINC. To learn more about the use and meaning of delimiters in various parts of a LOINC term, please refer to Chapter 2 of the LOINC Users’ Guide.

If you have a specific abbreviation or acronym that you were looking for that is not in this list, please contact us.

Abbreviation/Acronym Meaning Areas of LOINC
1.5H 1.5 hours Timing; Challenge timing
100D 100 days Timing
10D 10 days Timing; Challenge timing
10H 10 hours Timing
10M 10 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
10Y 10 years Timing
12H 12 hours Timing; Challenge timing
12Mo 12 months Timing
14D 14 days Timing
15M 15 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
180D 180 days Timing
18H 18 hours Timing
1D 1 day Timing
1H 1 hour Timing; Challenge timing
1M 1 minute Timing; Challenge timing
1Mo 1 month Timing; Challenge timing
1W 1 week Timing; Challenge timing
1Y 1 year Timing
2.5H 2.5 hours Timing; Challenge timing
20M 20 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
24H 24 hours Timing; Challenge timing
25M 25 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
2D 2 days Timing; Challenge timing
2H 2 hours Timing; Challenge timing
2M 2 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
2Mo 2 months Timing; Challenge timing
2W 2 weeks Timing; Challenge timing
2Y 2 years Timing
30D 30 days Timing
30M 30 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
3D 3 days Timing; Challenge timing
3H 3 hours Timing; Challenge timing
3-HPMA 3-Hydroxypropyl Mercapturic acid Component
3M 3 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
3Mo 3 months Timing; Challenge timing
3W 3 weeks Timing; Challenge timing
3Y 3 years Timing
45M 45 minutes Timing
48H 48 hours Timing
4D 4 days Timing; Challenge timing
4H 4 hours Timing; Challenge timing
4M 4 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
4W 4 weeks Timing; Challenge timing
5D 5 days Timing; Challenge timing
5H 5 hours Timing; Challenge timing
5M 5 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
6D 6 days Timing; Challenge timing
6H 6 hours Timing; Challenge timing
6M 6 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
6Mo 6 months Timing
72H 72 hours Timing
7D 7 days Timing; Challenge timing
7H 7 hours Timing; Challenge timing
7M 7 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
8H 8 hours Timing; Challenge timing
8M 8 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
90D 90 days Timing
90M 90 minutes Timing
9H 9 hours Timing
9M 9 minutes Timing; Challenge timing
Ab Antibody Component
ABXBACT Antibiotic susceptibilities Class
AC Abdominal circumference Method
Accel Acceleration Property
ACnc Arbitrary concentration Property
ACnt Arbitrary content Property
Addr Address Property
ADL Activities of daily living Component
ADMIN Administrative Class
ADMIN.DEMOG Demographic observations Class
ADMIN.FACILITY Facility information Class
ADMIN.ID Identification numbers Class
ADMIN.PATIENT Patient administrative information Class
ADMIN.PATIENT.DEMOG Patient demographics Class
ADMIN.PATIENT.ID Patient identification numbers Class
AFr Arbitrary fraction Property
Ag Antigen Component
Aggl Agglutination Method
Amnio fld Amniotic fluid System
Anat Anatomy Property
Angio Angiography Method
AP Apply Externally Challenge route
Aper Appearance Property
APTA American Physical Therapy Association Class
ArArea Area/Area Property
ARat Arbitrary Rate Property
Arb Arbitrary Property
AreaFr Area Fraction Property
AreaRto Area Ratio Property
ArEnrg Energy/Area Property
ArLen Length/Area Property
ArMass Mass/Area Property
ArResis Resistance/Area Property
ART Antiretroviral therapy Class
ArVol Volume/Area Property
ArVRat Volume Rate/Area Property
ASHA NOMS ASHA National Outcomes Measurement System Method
Asp Aspirate System
ATTACH Attachment Class
ATTACH.AMB Ambulance attachment Class
ATTACH.CARD Cardiac attachment Class
ATTACH.CLINRPT Clinical report attachment Class
ATTACH.CPHS Children's Preventative Health System attachment Class
ATTACH.ED Emergency department attachment Class
ATTACH.GENERAL General attachment Class
ATTACH.GI Gastrointestinal attachment Class
ATTACH.LAB Laboratory attachment Class
ATTACH.MEDS Medication attachment Class
ATTACH.MODIFIER Modifier attachment Class
ATTACH.OBS Obstetrics attachment Class
ATTACH.PERIODONTAL Periodontal attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB Rehabilitation attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB.ABUSE Alcohol/Substance abuse rehabilitation attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB.CARDIAC Cardiac rehabilitation attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB.NURS Specialized nursing attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB.OT Occupational therapy attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB.PSYCH Psychiatric rehabilitation attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB.PT Physical rehabilitation attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB.PULM Pulmonary rehabilitation attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB.RT Respiratory rehabilitation attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB.SOCIAL Medical social work attachment Class
ATTACH.REHAB.SPEECH Speech therapy rehabilitation attachment Class
ATTACH.RESP Respiratory attachment Class
AUC Area under the curve Property
AUDIO Audiology Class
B Buccal Challenge route
BDYCRC.ATOM Body circumference atomic Class
BDYCRC.MOLEC Body circumference molecular Class
BDYHGT.ATOM Body height atomic Class
BDYHGT.MOLEC Body height molecular Class
BDYSURF.ATOM Body surface atomic Class
BDYTMP.ATOM Body temperature atomic Class
BDYTMP.MOLEC Body temperature molecular Class
BDYTMP.TIMED.MOLEC Body temperature timed molecular Class
BDYWGT.ATOM Body weight atomic Class
BDYWGT.MOLEC Body weight molecular Class
Bib Bibliographic Citation Property
Bil fld Bile fluid System
Bld Whole blood System Dried blood spot System
BldA Blood arterial System
BLDBK Blood bank Class
BLDBK.GENOTYPING Blood bank genotyping Class
BldC Blood capillary System
BldCo Blood – cord System
BldL Blood bag System
BldMV Blood- mixed Venous System
BldP Blood – peripheral System
BldV Blood venous System
Body fld Body fluid, unsp System
Bone mar Marrow (bone) System
BP.ATOM Blood pressure atomic Class
BP.CENT.MOLEC Blood pressure central molecular Class
BP.MOLEC Blood pressure molecular Class
BP.PSTN.MOLEC Blood pressure positional molecular Class
BP.TIMED.MOLEC Blood pressure timed molecular Class
BP.VENOUS.MOLEC Blood pressure venous molecular Class
CAct Catalytic Activity Property
CARD Cardiology Class
CARD.PROC Cardiac procedures Class
CARD.RISK Cardiac Risk Scales Framingham Class
CARD.US Cardiac ultrasound (was US.ECHO) Class
CARD.US.DICOM DICOM Simplified Adult Echo Report concepts Class
CARDIO-PULM Cardiopulmonary Class
CAS Coronavirus Anxiety Scale Method
CBA IFA Cell binding immunofluorescent assay Method
CBS-8 Columbia Behavior Scale for Dementia Method
CCnc Catalytic Concentration Property
CCnt Catalytic Content Property
CDC Complement-dependent cytotoxicity RelatedName
CDC U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Component; Method
CELLMARK Cell markers Class
CFst Calorie fast Challenge
CFr Catalytic Fraction Property
CFr.DF Decimal Catalytic Fraction Property
CHAL Challenge tests Class
CHAL.ROUTINE Routine challenge tests Class
CHALSKIN Skin challenge tests Class
CHEM Chemistry Class
Chromo Chromogenic/Enzymatic Assay Method
Circ Circumference Property
CircFr Circumference Fraction Property
CKD-EPI Creatinine and Cystatin C-based formula Method
CLIN Clinical NEC (not elsewhere classified) Class
CLIN.RISK Clinical Risk Class
CLIN.VET Clinical veterinary Class
CLINTRIAL Clinical trials Class
ClockTime Clock Time Property
Cmplx Complex Property
Cnjt Conjunctiva System
Cnl Cannula System
CNPI Checklist of nonverbal pain indicators Method
Coag Coagulation Assay Method; Class
Col Colostrum System
ColorRto Color Ratio Property
COMI Core Outcome Measures Index Method
Comp fix Complement Fixation Method
Compli Compliance Property
CompliRto Compliance Ratio Property
COPE COvid-19 Participant Experience (COPE) Method
COVEX COVID-19 Experiences Method
CRat Catalytic Rate Property
CRBS Coronavirus Racial Bias Scale Method
Crn Cornea System
CRto Catalytic Ratio Property
CSF Cerebral spinal fluid System
CSub Catalytic Substance Property
CT Computed tomography Method
CTp Catheter tip System
Cvm Cervical mucus System
Cvx Cervix System
CYTO Cytology Class
Cyto stain Cytology Stain Method
Desc Description Property
Dial fld Dialysis fluid System
Dial fld prt Peritoneal dialysis fluid System
Diam Diameter Property
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid Component
Doc Document Scale
DOC.EPSOS Smart Open Services for European Patients (epSOS) documents Class
DOC.MISC Miscellaneous documentation Class
DOC.ONTOLOGY Document Ontology Class
DOC.PUBLICHEALTH Public health documentation Class
DOC.QUALITY Quality documents Class
DOC.REF Referral documentation Class
DOC.REF.CTP Clinical trial protocol document Class
DOCUMENT.REGULATORY Regulatory documentation Class
DRUG/TOX Drug levels & Toxicology Class
DRUGDOSE Drug dose (for transmitting doses for pharmacokinetics) Class
DT Dental Challenge route
DtTmRange Date and Time Range Property
Duod fld Duodenal fluid System
Dur Duration Timing
Dx Diagnosis Component
ED Emergency (DEEDS) Class
EEG Electroencephalogram System; Method
EKG.ATOM Electrocardiogram atomic Class
EKG.IMP Electrocardiogram impression Class
EKG.MEAS Electrocardiogram measures Class
Elcur Electrical current Property
Elpot Electrical Potential (Voltage) Property
ElpotRat Voltage Rate (=Amperage) Property
ElpotRto Electrical Potential Ratio Property
EmailAddr E-mail Address Property
Enctr Duration of an encounter (hospital stay, visit). Timing
ENDO.GI Gastrointestinal endoscopy Class
Endomet Endometrium System
EngCnc Energy Concentration Property
EngCnt Energy Content Property
EngDiff Energy Difference Property
EngFr Energy Fraction Property
EngRat Power = Energy/Time Property
EngRatFr Energy Rate Fraction Property
EngRto Energy Ratio Property
Enrg Energy Property
EntCat Entitic Catalytic Activity Property
EntLen Entitic Length Property
EntLogNum Logarithmic Entitic Number Property
EntMass Entitic Mass Property
EntNum Entitic Number Property
EntSRto Entitic Substance Ratio Property
EntSub Entitic Substance Property
EntVol Entitic Volume Property
EP Epidural Challenge route
Equ Equation Property
ET Endotrachial Tube Challenge route
Exhl gas Exhaled gas (breath) System
EYE.ANGIO.NEI NEI eyeGENE’s angiography concepts Class
EYE.CONTACT_LENS Ophthalmology contact lens Class
EYE.EOG.NEI NEI eyeGENE’s electrooculogram concepts Class
EYE.ERG.NEI NEI eyeGENE’s electroretinogram concepts Class
EYE.GLASSES Ophthalmology glasses: Lens manufacturer (LM) & Prescription Class
EYE.HETEROPHORIA Ophthalmology heterophoria Class
EYE.HX.NEI NEI eyeGENE’s eye history concepts Class
EYE.LASIK Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis Class
EYE.LENSOMETRY Lensometry Class
EYE.OCT Ophthalmology Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Class
EYE.OCT.NEI NEI eyeGENE’s optical coherence tomography concepts Class
EYE.PX Ophthalmology physical findings Class
EYE.PX.NEI NEI eyeGENE’s eye physical exam concepts Class
EYE.REFRACTION Ophthalmology refraction Class
EYE.REFRACTION.NEI NEI eyeGENE’s refraction concepts Class
EYE.RETINAL_RX Ophthalmology treatments Class
EYE.SLITLAMP.NEI NEI eyeGENE’s slit lamp biomicroscopy concepts Class
EYE.SPECULAR MICROSCOPY Specular microscopy Class
EYE.TONOMETRY Ophthalmology tonometry Class
EYE.TONOMETRY.NEI NEI eyeGENE’s tonometry concepts Class
EYE.US Ophthalmology ultrasound Class
EYE.VISUAL_FIELD Ophthalmology visual field Class
EYE.VISUAL_FIELD.NEI NEI eyeGENE’s visual field concepts Class
Fcn Function Property
FERT Fertility Class
FFst Fluid fast Challenge
FIGO International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Method
Find Finding Property
FINDRISC Finnish Diabetes Risk Score Method
FL Femur length Method
FldConduct Fluid Conductance Property
FldResist Fluid Resistance Property
Floc Flocculation Assay Method
FNA Fine needle aspiration System
Freq Frequency Property
frst First value observed during an interval Timing
FUNCTION Functional status (e.g., Glasgow) Class
Gast fld Gastric fluid/contents System
GC-MS Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Method
GE Greater than or equal to Component; Timing
GEN.US General ultrasound Class
Genital fld Genital fluid System
Genital loc Genital lochia System
Genital muc Genital mucus System
Geno Genotype Property
GI Gastroenterology Class
GT Greater than Timing
Gt 1H Greater than 1 hour Timing
GTT Gastronomy Tube Challenge route
GU GU Irrigant Challenge route
H&P.HX History Class
H&P.HX.LAB History for laboratory studies Class
H&P.PX Physical Class
H&P.SURG PROC Surgical procedure Class
HA Hemagglutination Method
HAI Hemagglutination Inhibition Method
HC Head circumference Method
HEM/BC Hematology/Cell counts Class
HEMODYN.ATOM Hemodynamics atomic Class
HEMODYN.MOLEC Hemodynamics molecular Class
HIV Human immunodeficiency virus Component
HL7.CCDA HL7 Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture Class
HL7.CYTOGEN Clinical cytogenetic report Class
HL7.GENETICS Clinical genetic report Class
HLA Human leukocyte antigen Class; Component
HNA Human neutrophil alloantigen Class; Component
HOOS-PS Hip disability and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score – Physical Function Shortform Method
HPA Human platelet antigen Class; Component
HRTRATE.ATOM Heart rate atomic Class
HRTRATE.MOLEC Heart rate molecular Class
HRTRATE.PSTN.MOLEC Heart rate positional molecular Class
HRTRATE.TIMED.MOL Heart rate timed molecular Class
HSVS Housing Stability Vital Signs Method
HTLV 1 human t-cell lymphotropic virus-1 Component
Hx History Property
IA Immunoassay Method
IA.MTTT Immunoassay Modified two-tiered testing Method
IA Intra-arterial Challenge route
IADL Instrumental activities of daily living Component
IB Immune Blot Method
IB Intrabursal Challenge route
IC Intracardiac Challenge route
ICD International classification of diseases Component
ICN Intracervical (uterus) Challenge route
ICP Inductively Coupled Plasma Method
ID Identifier Property
ID Intradermal Challenge route
IEEE Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers Class
IF Immune Fluorescence Method
Ig immunoglobulin Component
IgA immunoglobulin A Component
IgD immunoglobulin D Component
IgE immunoglobulin E Component
IgG immunoglobulin G Component
IgM immunoglobulin M Component
IgV immunoglobulin V Component
IH Inhalation Challenge route
IHA Intrahepatic Artery Challenge route
IM Intramuscular Challenge route
Imp Impression/interpretation of study Property
IN Intranasal Challenge route
Inhl gas Inhaled gas System
Instrct Instructions Property
Inverse VI Inverse Inspired Volume Property
InvLen Inverse Length Property
IO Intraocular Challenge route
IO_IN_SALTS+CALS Input/Output electrolytes and calories Class
IO_IN.ATOM Input/Output atomic Class
IO_IN.INFUS Infusion pump intake measures Class
IO_IN.MOLEC Input/Output molecular Class
IO_IN.SUMMARY Input/Output summary Class
IO_IN.TIMED.MOLEC Input/Output timed molecular Class
IO_OUT.ATOM Input/Output atomic Class
IO_OUT.MOLEC Input/Output molecular Class
IO_OUT.TIMED.MOLE Input/Output timed molecular Class
IO.TUBE Input/Output of tube Class
IP Intraperitoneal Challenge route
IS Intrasynovial Challenge route
IT Intrathecal Challenge route
IU Intrauterine Challenge route
IV Intravenous Challenge route
KOOS-PS Knee injurty and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score - Physical Function Shortform Method
LA Latex Agglutination Method
LaCnc Log Arbitrary Concentration Property
Len Length Property
LenFr Length Fraction Property
LenRto Length Ratio Property
LHR Leukocyte Histamine Release Method
LKSS Lysholm Knee Scoring Scale Method
LnCnc Log Number Concentration Property
LnRto Log Number Ratio Property
Loc Location Property
LogInvPct Log Inverse Percent Property
LogLenRto Log Length Ratio Property
LogRtoElp Log Ratio Electrical Potential Property
LRat Length Rate Property
LsCnc Log Substance Concentration Property
Lt 1H Less than 1 hour Timing
Lung tiss Lung tissue System
max Maximum value over interval Timing
MCnc Mass Concentration Property
MCncDiff Difference in Mass Concentration Property
MCncSq Mass Concentration Squared Property
MCnt Mass Content Property
MCPctDiff Percent Difference in Mass Concentration Property
MDiff Mass Difference Property
mean Mean of all of the values observed on the interval (This is the default selection.) Timing
MEDS Medications Class
Me-PFOSA-AcOH 2-N-Methyl-perfluorooctanesulfonamide acetate Component
MFr Mass Fraction Property
MFr.DF Mass Decimal Fraction Property
MFrDiff Mass Fraction Difference Property
MIC Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Method
MIC.VOC Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Volatile Organic Compounds Method
MICRO Microbiology Class
min Minimum value over interval Timing
MISC Miscellaneous Class
MLC Minimum Lethal Concentration Method
MM Mucus Membrane Challenge route
Molgen Molecular Genetics Method
MOLPATH Molecular pathology Class
MOLPATH.DELDUP Gene deletions or duplications Class
MOLPATH.INV Gene inversion Class
MOLPATH.MISC Gene miscellaneous Class
MOLPATH.MUT Gene mutation Class
MOLPATH.NUCREPEAT Nucleotide repeats Class
MOLPATH.PHARMG Pharmacogenomics Class
MOLPATH.REARRANGE Gene rearrangement Class
MOLPATH.TRISOMY Gene chromosome trisomy Class
MOLPATH.TRNLOC Gene translocation Class
MoM Multiple of the Median Property
Morph Morphology Property
MPSS Mainz Pain Staging System Method
MR Magnetic resonance Method
MRat Mass Rate Property
MRatRange Mass Rate Range Property
MRC Medical Research Council Method
MRto Mass Ratio Property
MSCnc Mass or Substance Concentration Property
MTH Mouth/Throat Challenge route
Multi “Multi” Scale
Nar Narrative Scale
Naric Number Aeric (number per area) Property
NCHC Norwalk Community Health Center Screening Tool Method
NCnc Number Concentration (count/vol) Property
NCncRange Number Concentration (count/vol) Range Property
NCnt Number Content = Count/Mass Property
NEMSIS National EMS Information System data Class
NEONAT Neonatology variables Class
NEURO Neurology Class
Neut Virus Neutralization Method
NFr Number Fraction Property
NFr.DF Decimal number fraction Property
NG Nasogastric Challenge route
NIH.COGNITIVE NIH Toolbox Cognitive Domain Class
NIH.MOTOR NIH Toolbox Motor Domain Class
NIH.SENSORY NIH Toolbox Sensory Domain Class
NIPS Neonatal Infant Pain Scale Method, Class
Nom Nominal Scale
NOS not otherwise specified Component
NP Nasal Prongs Challenge route
Nph Naspopharynx System
NPP Non-physician practitioner Part description
NR STATS Normal range statistics Class
NRat Number=Count/Time Property
NRS Nutritional Risk Screening Method
NRto Number Ratio Property
NS Nasal Challenge route
NT Nasotrachial Tube Challenge route
Num Number Property
NumDiff Number Difference Property
NumRange Number Range Property
NUTRITION&DIETETICS Nutrition and Dietetics Class
OB.US Obstetric ultrasound Class
OBGYN Obstetric/Gynecology Class
OD Optical Density Property
ODI Oswestry Disability Index Method
OES Optical Emission Spectrometry Method
OP Ophthalmic Challenge route
Ord Ordinal Scale
OrdQn Quantitative or Ordinal Scale
Osmol Osmolality Property
OT Otic Challenge route
OTH Other/Miscellaneous Challenge route
PANEL.ABXBACT Antibiotic susceptibility panel Class
PANEL.ADMIN Administrative information panel Class
PANEL.ALLERGY Allergy panel Class
PANEL.APTA American Physical Therapy Association panel Class
PANEL.ART Antiretroviral therapy order set Class
PANEL.ATTACH.MOD Modifier attachment panel Class
PANEL.BDYTMP Body temperature order set Class
PANEL.BLDBK Blood bank panel Class
PANEL.BLDBK.GENOTYPE Blood bank genotyping panel Class
PANEL.BP Blood pressure order set Class
PANEL.CARDIAC Cardiology panel Class
PANEL.CELLMARK Cell marker panel Class
PANEL.CHAL Challenge panel Class
PANEL.CHEM Chemistry panel Class
PANEL.CLIN Clinical NEC (not elsewhere classified) set Class
PANEL.CLIN.RISK Clinical risk panel Class
PANEL.COAG Coagulation panel Class
PANEL.CV Cardiovascular panel Class
PANEL.DEVICES Medical device panel Class
PANEL.DOC Document panel Class
PANEL.DRUG/TOX Drug level & Toxicology panel Class
PANEL.ED Emergency (DEEDS) order set Class
PANEL.EYE Ophthalmology panel Class
PANEL.EYE.SPECULAR MICROSCOPY Specular microscopy panel Class
PANEL.FERT Fertility testing panel Class
PANEL.FUNCTION Function order set Class
PANEL.H&P History & Physical order set Class
PANEL.HEDIS Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set panel Class
PANEL.HEM/BC Hematology & blood count panel Class
PANEL.HL7.CCDA HL7 Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture set Class
PANEL.HL7.CYTOGEN HL7 cytogenetics panel Class
PANEL.HL7.GENETICS HL7 genetics panel Class
PANEL.HLA HLA panel Class
PANEL.HNA HNA panel Class
PANEL.HPA HPA panel Class
PANEL.IO Input/Output panel Class
PANEL.MEDS Medication panel Class
PANEL.MICRO Microbiology panel Class
PANEL.MISC Miscellaneous panel Class
PANEL.MOLPATH Molecular pathology panel Class
PANEL.MOLPATH.PHARMG Pharmacogenomics panel Class
PANEL.NEMSIS National EMS Information System data set Class
PANEL.NEONAT Neonatal measure panel Class
PANEL.NEURO Neurology panel Class
PANEL.NIH.COGNITIVE NIH Toolbox Cognitive Domain panel Class
PANEL.NIH.MOTOR NIH Toolbox Motor Domain panel Class
PANEL.NIH.SENSORY NIH Toolbox Sensory Domain panel Class
PANEL.NUTRITION&DIET Nutrition and dietetics panel Class
PANEL.OB.US Obstetrical panel Class
PANEL.OBS Obstetrics panel Class
PANEL.ONCO Oncology panel Class
PANEL.PATH Pathology panel Class
PANEL.PATIENT SAFETY Patient safety order set Class
PANEL.PHENX PhenX panel Class
PANEL.PHR Personal health record panel Class
PANEL.PULM Pulmonary panel Class
PANEL.RAD Radiology panel Class
PANEL.SERO Serology panel Class
PANEL.SPEC Specimen set Class
PANEL.SURG Surgery panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.AAOS American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Class
PANEL.SURVEY.ACT Asthma Control Test (ACT) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.ADVAULT ADVault survey set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) survey set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.ALSFRSR ALS Functional Rating Scale - Revised set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.AMNART American National Adult Reading Test (AmNART) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.BADS Brief Anxiety and Depression Scale set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.BCAT Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.BDI Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.BIMS Brief Interview for Mental Health Status (BIMS) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.BPI Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.BRIEF BRIEF Health Literacy Screening Tool set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.CAM Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.CARE Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.CAS Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (CAS) panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.CBS-8 Columbia Behavior Scale for Dementia panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.CDC Centers for Disease Control (CDC) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.CESD Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression (CESD) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.CNPI Checklist of nonverbal pain indicators panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.COMI Core Outcome Measures Index (COMI) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.COOP Dartmouth Cooperative Functional Status Test (COOP) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.CoVSocEcon SARS-CoV-2 Related Socioeconomic Questionnaire panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.CSSRS Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (CSSRS) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.DAST Drug Abuse Screening Test set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.DUKE-AD Duke Anxiety Depression Scale (DUKE-AD) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.EPDS Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.ESRD End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) facility survey set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.GDS Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.GNHLTH General Health survey set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.GPCOG General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition (GPCOG) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.HABC Healthy Aging Brain Care (HABC) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.HAQ Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.HARK Humiliation, Afraid, Rape, and Kick (HARK) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.HHCC Home Health Care Classification set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.HHS Department of Health and Human Services set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.HIV-SSC Signs and Symptoms checklist for persons living with HIV set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.howRu howRu outcomes instrument set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.IPAQ International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.LKSS Lysholm Knee Scoring Scale panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.LIV-HIV Living with HIV set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.MDS Minimum Data Set for Nursing Home Resident Assessment and Care Screening set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.MFS Morse Fall Scale set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.MLHFQ Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire (MLHFQ) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.MTLHLTH Mental Health survey set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.NEURO Neurological survey set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.NEUROQ Quality of Life Outcomes in Neurological Disorders (NeuroQol) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.NHANES National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.NIH.EMO NIH Toolbox Emotion Domain panels Class
PANEL.SURVEY.NMMDS Nursing Management Minimum Data set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.NORTON Norton Scale survey set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.NPASS Neonatal Pain, Agitation and Sedation Scale set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.NSRAS Neonatal Skin Risk Assessment Scale survey Class
PANEL.SURVEY.OASIS Outcome and Assessment Information Survey set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.OPTIMAL Outpatient Physical Therapy Improvement in Movement a Assessment Log set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.PAS Patient Activity Scale (PAS) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.PASII Patient Activity Scale II (PAS-II) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.PCORI Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.PCORNET Patient Centered Outcomes Research Network (PCORnet) Common Data Model (CDM) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.PEG Pain intensity, Enjoyment of life, General activity (PEG) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.PHQ Patient Health Questionnaire set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.PNDS Perioperative Nursing Data Set panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.PRAPARE Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patients Assets Risks and Experiences (PRAPARE) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.PROMIS Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement System set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.PROWL Patient-reported outcomes with LASIK panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.QAM Quality Audit Marker set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.QRDA Quality Health Reporting Document Architecture set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.RFC Residual Functional Capacity set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.RMDQ Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.R-OUTCOMES R-Outcomes Survey panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.RUDAS Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.SAMHSA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.SDOH Social determinants of health set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.SEEK Safe Environment for Every Kid Class
PANEL.SURVEY.SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.SLP Speech-language pathology panel Class
PANEL.SURVEY.USSGFHT United States Surgeon General Family Health Tool (USSGFHT) set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.WELLRX WellRX Questionnaire set Class
PANEL.SURVEY.TAPS Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription medications and other Substance panel Class
PANEL.TIMP Test of Infant Motor Performance (TIMP) set Class
PANEL.TRAUMA Trauma panel Class
PANEL.TUMRRGT Tumor registry panel Class
PANEL.UA Urinalysis panel Class
PANEL.UPDRS Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) set Class
PANEL.US.URO Urology ultrasound panel Class
PANEL.VACCIN Vaccination panel Class
PANEL.VITALS Vital signs panel Class
PATH Pathology Class
PATH.HISTO Histology Class
PATH.PROTOCOLS.BRST Pathology protocols - breast Class
PATH.PROTOCOLS.GENER Pathology protocols - general Class
PATH.PROTOCOLS.PROST Pathology protocols - prostate Class
PATH.PROTOCOLS.SKIN Pathology protocols - skin Class
PATIENT SAFETY Patient safety Class
PCFS Post Covid-19 Functional Status Method
PctDiff Percent Difference Property
Pericard fld Pericardial fluid System
Periton fld Peritoneal fluid /ascites System
PF Perfusion Challenge route
PFOS perfluorooctane sulfonic acid Component
PHENX PhenX Class
Placent Placenta System
Plas Plasma System
Plr fld Pleural fluid (thoracentesis fld) System
Pn Person Name Property
PNDS Perioperative Nursing Data Set Method
PO Oral Challenge route
PPP Platelet poor plasma System
PPres Pressure (partial) Property
PPresDiff Difference in Partial Pressure Property
PPresRto Partial Pressure Ratio Property
PR Rectal Challenge route
Prctl Percentile Property
Pres Pressure Property
PresRat Pressure Rate Property
PresRto Pressure Ratio Property
PressDiff Difference Property
Prid Presence or Identity Property
Procedure dur Duration of the procedure (surgery, etc.) Timing
PROWL Patient-reported outcomes with LASIK Method
PRP Platelet rich plasma System
PrThr Presence or Threshold Property
Pt To identify measures at a point in time. This is a synonym for “spot” or “random” as applied to urine measurements. Timing
PUBLICHEALTH Public Health Class
PULM Pulmonary ventilator management Class
pVNT Pseudovirus Neutralization Method
Qn Quantitative Scale
RAD Radiology Class
RAST Radioallergosorbent test Method
RatDiff Rate Difference Property
RBC Erythrocytes System
RBCCo Red Blood Cells Cord System
RelACnc Relative Arbitrary Concentration Property
RelCCnc Relative Catalytic Concentration Property
RelEngRat Relative Power Property
RelFldConduct Relative Fluid Conductance Property
RelFldResist Relative Fluid Resistance Property
RelInvVI Relative Inverse Volume Inspired Property
RelMCnc Relative Mass Concentration Property
RelMRat Relative Mass Rate Property
RelRto Relative Ratio Property
RelSCnc Relative Substance Concentration Property
RelSoundInt Relative Sound Intensity Property
RelSRat Relative Substance Rate Property
RelTime Relative Time Property
RelVol Relative Volume Property
RelVRat Relative Volume Rate Property
Resis Resistance Property
RESP.ATOM Respiratory atomic Class
Resp.lower Lower respiratory System
RESP.MOLEC Respiratory molecular Class
RESP.TIMED.MOLEC Respiratory timed molecular Class
REVEAL Registry to Evaluate Early and Long-Term PAH Disease Management Method
RF Radiofluoroscopy Method
RFLP Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Method
RFLP.rRNA Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism on rRNA Method
RIA Radioimmunoassay Method
RM Rebreather Mask Challenge route
RMDQ Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire Method
RNA ribonucleic acid Component
RPR Rapid Plasma Reagin Method
RptPeriod Reporting period Timing
rRNA ribosomal ribonucleic acid Component
RT-QuIC Real-time quaking-induced conversion Method
RUDAS Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale Method
SatFr Saturation Fraction Property
SBT Serum Bacterial Titer Method
SC Subcutaneous Challenge route
SCnc Substance Concentration Property
SCncDiff Difference in Substance Concentration Property
SCncSq Substance Concentration Squared Property
SCnt Substance Content Property
ScoreDiff Score Difference Property
ScoreRange Score range Property
SD Soaked Dressing Challenge route
SDOM Standard Dermatology Outcome Measures Method
SemiQn Semiquantitative Scale
Seq Nucleotide Sequence Property
Ser Serum System
SERO Serology (antibodies and most antigens except blood bank and infectious agents) Class
Set Set Scale
SFr Substance Fraction Property
SFr.DF Decimal Substance Fraction Property
SKNFLD.MOLEC Skinfold measurements molecular Class
SL Sublingual Challenge route
SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Method
SPEC Specimen characteristics Class
SPR Surface plasmon resonance Method
Sptt Sputum - tracheal aspirate System
SRat Substance Rate Property
SRto Substance Ratio Property
Stdy Duration of the study Timing
Sub Substance Amount Property
SPR Surface Plasmon Resonance Method
SURG Surgery Class
SURVEY.AAOS American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) survey Class
SURVEY.ACT Asthma Control Test (ACT) Class
SURVEY.ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Class
SURVEY.ADVAULT ADVault survey Class
SURVEY.AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) survey Class
SURVEY.ALP RAND 2020 American Life Panel Survey on Impacts of COVID-19 Class
SURVEY.ALSFRSR ALS Functional Rating Scale - Revised Class
SURVEY.AMNART American National Adult Reading Test (AmNART) Class
SURVEY.BADS Brief Anxiety and Depression Scale (BADS) Class
SURVEY.BCAT Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool (BCAT) Class
SURVEY.BDI Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) Class
SURVEY.BPI Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) Class
SURVEY.CARE Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) survey Class
SURVEY.CAS Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (CAS) Class
SURVEY.CBS-8 Columbia Behavior Scale for Dementia survey Class
SURVEY.CDC Centers for Disease Control (CDC) survey Class
SURVEY.CERNER Cerner survey Class
SURVEY.CESD Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression (CESD) survey Class
SURVEY.CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) survey Class
SURVEY.CNPI Checklist of nonverbal pain indicators survey Class
SURVEY.COMI Core Outcome Measures Index (COMI) Class
SURVEY.COOP Dartmouth Cooperative Functional Status Test (COOP) Class
SURVEY.CoVSocEcon SARS-CoV-2 Related Socioeconomic Questionnaire survey Class
SURVEY.CSSRS Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (CSSRS) Class
SURVEY.DAST Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) Class
SURVEY.DUKE-AD Duke Anxiety Depression Scale (DUKE-AD) Class
SURVEY.EPDS Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) Class
SURVEY.ESRD End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) facility survey Class
SURVEY.GDS Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) survey Class
SURVEY.GNHLTH General Health survey Class
SURVEY.GPCOG General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition (GPCOG) Class
SURVEY.HABC Healthy Aging Brain Care (HABC) survey Class
SURVEY.HAQ Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) Class
SURVEY.HARK Humiliation, Afraid, Rape, and Kick (HARK) Class
SURVEY.HHS Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) survey Class
SURVEY.howRu howRu outcomes instrument survey Class
SURVEY.HWS Healthy Weight Summary (HWS) Class
SURVEY.IPAQ International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) Class
SURVEY.LKSS Lysholm Knee Scoring Scale survey Class
SURVEY.MDS Minimum Data Set (MDS) for Nursing Home Resident Assessment and Care Screening survey Class
SURVEY.MFS Morse Fall Scale (MFS) survey Class
SURVEY.MISC Miscellaneous survey Class
SURVEY.MLHFQ Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire (MLHFQ) Class
SURVEY.MTLHLTH Mental Health survey Class
SURVEY.NEI National Eye Institute survey Class
SURVEY.NEURO Neurological survey Class
SURVEY.NEUROQ Quality of Life Outcomes in Neurological Disorders (NeuroQol) survey Class
SURVEY.NHANES National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) Class
SURVEY.NHCS National Health Care Survey (NHCS) Class
SURVEY.NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse Class
SURVEY.NIH_TOOLBOX NIH Toolbox survey Class
SURVEY.NIH.EMO NIH Toolbox Emotion Domain Class
SURVEY.NMMDS Nursing Management Minimum Data Survey (NMMDS) Class
SURVEY.NORTON Norton Scale survey Class
SURVEY.NPASS Neonatal Pain, Agitation and Sedation Scale Class
SURVEY.NSRAS Neonatal Skin Risk Assessment Scale (NSRAS) Class
SURVEY.NURSE.HHCC Home Health Care Classification (HHCC) survey Class
SURVEY.NURSE.HIV-SSC Signs and Symptoms Checklist (SSC) for persons living with HIV survey Class
SURVEY.NURSE.LIV-HIV Living with HIV survey Class
SURVEY.NURSE.QAM Quality Audit Marker (QAM) survey Class
SURVEY.OASIS Outcome and Assessment Information Survey (OASIS) Class
SURVEY.OPTIMAL Outpatient Physical Therapy Improvement in Movement and Assessment Log (OPTIMAL) Class
SURVEY.PAS Patient Activity Scale (PAS) Class
SURVEY.PASII Patient Activity Scale II (PAS-II) Class
SURVEY.PCORNET Patient Centered Outcomes Research Network (PCORnet) Common Data Model (CDM) Class
SURVEY.PEG Pain intensity, Enjoyment of life, General activity (PEG) Class
SURVEY.PHQ Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) Class
SURVEY.PNDS Perioperative Nursing Data Set survey Class
SURVEY.PRAPARE Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patients Assets Risks and Experiences (PRAPARE) Class
SURVEY.PROMIS Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement System (PROMIS) survey Class
SURVEY.PROWL Patient-reported outcomes with LASIK survey Class
SURVEY.QRDA Quality Health Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) survey Class
SURVEY.R-OUTCOMES R-Outcomes Survey Class
SURVEY.RFC Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) survey Class
SURVEY.RMDQ Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire survey Class
SURVEY.RUDAS Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale survey Class
SURVEY.SAMHSA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) survey Class
SURVEY.SDOH Social Determinants of Health Class
SURVEY.SEEK Safe Environment for Every Kid Class
SURVEY.SLP Speech-language pathology survey Class
SURVEY.SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) Class
SURVEY.TAPS Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription medications and other Substance tool Class
SURVEY.USSGFHT United States Surgeon General Family Health Tool (USSGFHT) survey Class
SURVEY.WELLRX WellRX Questionnaire Class
Susc Susceptibility Property
Synv fld Synovial fluid (Joint fluid) System
TAPS Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription medications, and other Substance use assessment Method
TD Transdermal Challenge route
Tele Telephone Number Property
Temp Temperature Property
TempDiff Temperature Difference Property
ThrACnc Threshold Arbitrary Concentration Property
ThreshNum Threshold Number Property
ThrMCnc Threshold Mass Concentration Property
ThrSCnc Threshold Substance Concentration Property
Thrt Throat System
Tigi Tissue large intestine System
TimeDif Difference in Time Duration Property
TimeFr Time Fraction Property
TIMP Test of Infant Motor Performance (TIMP) survey Class
Tiss Tissue, unspecified System
TissCo Cord Tissue System
Titr Dilution Factor (Titer) Property
TL Translingual Challenge route
TmElpot Time Electrical Potential Property
TmMCnc Time mass concentration Property
TmSCnc Time substance concentration Property
TmStp Time Stamp—Date and Time Property
TmStpRange Time Stamp Range Property
TP Topical Challenge route
TQ2 Timing Quantity 2 Property
TRA Tracheostomy Challenge route
TRH Thyrotropin-releasing hormone Challenge route
TRNSPLNT.ORGAN Organ transplant Class
TRto Time Ratio Property
Tscore T Score Property
TscoreDiff T Score Difference Property
Tsmi Tissue small intestine System
TUMRRGT Tumor registry (NAACCR) Class
Txt Text Property
UA Urinalysis Class
Ulc Ulcer System
Unk sub Unknown substance System
UPDRS Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) Class
UR Urethral Challenge route
Urethra Urethra System
URI Uniform Resource Identifier Property
Urine sed Urine sediment System
US Ultrasound Method
US.URO Urological ultrasound Class
VACCIN Vaccinations Class
Vag Vagina System
VAP Vertical Auto Profile Method
VC Visual Count Method
VCF Variant Call File Property
VCnt Volume Content Property
VDRL Venereal Disease Research Laboratory Method
Vel Velocity Property
VelRat Velocity Rate Property
VelRto Velocity Ratio Property
VFr Volume Fraction Property
VFr.DF Volume Decimal Fraction Property
VFrDiff Difference in Volume Fraction Property
VG Vaginal Challenge route
Visc Viscosity Property
Vitr fld Vitreous Fluid System
VM Ventimask Challenge route
Vol Volume Property
VOLUME.MOLEC Volume (specimen) molecular Class
VPctDiff Percent Volume Difference Property
VRat Volume Rate Property
VRatCnt Volume Rate Content Property
VRatRto Volume Rate Ratio Property
VRto Volume Ratio Property
VRtoPctDiff Percent Volume Ratio Difference Property
WBC Leukocytes System
WHOQOL_BREF WHO Quality of life-BREF Method
WND Wound Challenge route
Xad Extended Address Property
XXX Not specified Timing; System
XXX^min Unspecified time minimum Timing
Zscore Z Score Property

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