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SearchLOINC is the quick, web-based application you can use anywhere to find the appropriate LOINC, Part, Answer List, or Group.

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Quick, yet powerful access to LOINC

  • Search across all LOINC terms as well as Parts, Answer Lists, and Groups!
  • Always updated with the latest release of LOINC
  • Works in any modern web browser—including mobile devices!
  • No need to install additional software
  • Use sophisticated search syntax
  • Multilingual searching
  • Display results in either list or card view
  • Customize the inclusion and order of columns in search results by visiting User Settings
  • Sort the search results by any field
  • Export search results to a CSV file or HL7® FHIR® ValueSet (LOINCs only)

Use filters to refine your results

Narrow your search results through powerful filter functionality.

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Which should I use?


If you are curious about LOINC and just want to explore, our browser-based tool is the best place to start.


If you want to search the database and map your local codes to LOINC, we recommend downloading and installing RELMA. More Info

Use both

These aren't mutually exclusive. Use either depending on your needs at the moment.