Submitting New Term Requests

What information we need

The information you provide about your local test/measurement and how it is used is more important than the proposed LOINC name you come up with. Having complete information on what your local test is makes the review process much smoother. It helps us create clear term definitions as well as verifying and enhancing other accessory content, which benefits everyone.

The kinds of information we need does vary a bit depending on the type of content (lab, radiology, document titles, survey questionnaires, etc), so not all items are applicable all of the time.

In order for us to process your request, we need:

  • Local test/observation name
  • Local order (panel) name
  • Description of the test (what it measures, how it is performed, what it is used for, and clinical relevance)
  • Name of send out lab (if applicable)
  • Name of healthcare organization that stimulated the request for this term (if you are submitting on behalf of someone else)
  • Units of measure (for quantitative observations)
  • Answer lists (for qualitative observations)
  • Sample results, reports (if applicable)
  • Package inserts, test kit documentation (if applicable)
  • Vendor, instrument, and/or reagent kit used to perform this test (if applicable)
  • Description of the project or activity that stimulated the request for this term (e.g. IHE Antepartum Record Profile, Indiana Network for Patient Care health information exchange project, etc)
  • Implementation guide (for terms designed for use in the context of a specific messaging implementation guide), or any other documentation you have
  • If the request is for a panel, you must indicate the tests that comprise the panel
    • Tell us which tests in the panel already have a LOINC code
    • For any tests in the panel that do not already have a LOINC code, you'll need to supply all of the above information. These new test terms should be separate request entries in your submission.

New LOINC term request form

Use our online form to submit your next LOINC term request. We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve this process.

The ability to make new requests using RELMA has been retired

Learn more about this change

Give us your best shot

With this information at hand, you can suggest a LOINC name—following the naming patterns in the database and described in the LOINC Users' Guide—with the following attributes:

  • Component (Analyte)
  • Property
  • Timing aspect
  • System
  • Scale
  • Method (if submitted)

Don't be surprised if the name LOINC comes up with differs from the one you proposed. It's our job to look across the whole database and follow existing naming conventions and models.

Submitting new requests using a template

The other way to make a submission is to use one of the templates below. There are several types available, depending on what kind of content you are submitting. The templates will help ensure that your submission follows the specified format and contains the information we need.

The templates also include an example submission, so you have an idea of what we are looking for.

Approved LOINC Submission Templates

Basic Submissions

Use this template if you are requesting new document or report titles, or simple clinical measurements.

Lab Submissions

Use this template if you are requesting new laboratory tests. (It has an easy way to specify panels too.)

Surveys/Forms Submissions

Use this template if you are submitting a survey instrument, form, or data set. (Includes examples and the original forms for reference.)

Radiology Submissions

Use this template if you are submitting requests for new radiology procedure codes. (Includes examples.)

When you're ready with your submission template, attach your file(s) to an email and send it to: