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55172-1ED procedures and results Set DEEDSActive

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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
55172-1 ED procedures and results Set DEEDS
Indent10217-8 Surgical operation note indications [Interpretation] Narrative
Indent29306-8 Surgery procedure
Indent11314-2 ED procedure result type
Indent11313-4 ED procedure result observation [Interpretation]
Indent18844-1 EKG impression Narrative
Indent8601-7 EKG impression
Indent18726-0 Radiology studies (set) 0..*
IndentIndent18748-4 Diagnostic imaging study
IndentIndent18782-3 X-ray unspecified site study 0..*
IndentIndent28564-3 X-ray head study
IndentIndent28613-8 X-ray spine unspecified study
IndentIndent24946-6 X-ray spine cervical study
IndentIndent24983-9 X-ray spine thoracic study
IndentIndent24972-2 X-ray spine lumbar study
IndentIndent24762-7 X-ray hip study
IndentIndent28561-9 X-ray pelvis study
IndentIndent24704-9 X-ray femur study
IndentIndent28565-0 X-ray knee study
IndentIndent25011-8 X-ray tibia and fibula study
IndentIndent24541-5 X-ray ankle study
IndentIndent24709-8 X-ray foot study
IndentIndent24909-4 X-ray shoulder study
IndentIndent28567-6 X-ray humerus study
IndentIndent24891-4 X-ray radius and ulna study
IndentIndent24676-9 X-ray elbow study
IndentIndent24619-9 X-ray wrist study
IndentIndent28582-5 X-ray hand study
IndentIndent25045-6 CT Unspecified body region
IndentIndent24725-4 CT Head
IndentIndent28566-8 CT spine study
IndentIndent24932-6 CT spine cervical study
IndentIndent24978-9 CT spine thoracic study
IndentIndent24963-1 CT spine lumbar study
IndentIndent24627-2 CT Chest
IndentIndent41806-1 CT Abdomen
IndentIndent24866-6 CT pelvis study
IndentIndent24690-0 CT extremity study
IndentIndent25056-3 MR Unspecified body region
IndentIndent18756-7 MRI spine study 0..*
IndentIndent24590-2 MR Brain
IndentIndent24935-9 MRI spine cervical study
IndentIndent24980-5 MRI spine thoracic study
IndentIndent24968-0 MRI spine lumbar study
IndentIndent24629-8 MRI chest study
IndentIndent24556-3 MRI abdomen study
IndentIndent24872-4 MRI pelvis and hips study
IndentIndent24707-2 MRI foot study
IndentIndent24710-6 MRI forearm study
IndentIndent28576-7 MRI joint study
IndentIndent24720-5 MRI hand study
IndentIndent24605-8 Mammogram diagnostic views study
IndentIndent24606-6 Mammogram screening views study
IndentIndent24888-0 Nuclear medicine pulmonary VQ scan study
IndentIndent30695-1 Nuclear medicine thyroid scan study
IndentIndent44136-0 PT Unspecified body region
IndentIndent25043-1 CT guidance for aspiration of unspecified site study
IndentIndent25044-9 CT guidance for biopsy of unspecified site study
IndentIndent25069-6 Fluoroscopic guidance for biopsy of unspecified site study
IndentIndent25059-7 Ultrasound guidance for biopsy of unspecified site study
IndentIndent25061-3 US Unspecified body region
IndentIndent24731-2 Ultrasound of head study
IndentIndent24842-7 Ultrasound of neck study
IndentIndent24558-9 Ultrasound of abdomen study
IndentIndent28614-6 Ultrasound of liver study
IndentIndent24601-7 Ultrasound of breast study
IndentIndent24869-0 Ultrasound of pelvis study
Indent30954-2 Relevant diagnostic tests/laboratory data Narrative
Indent26436-6 Laboratory studies (set)
IndentIndent18767-4 Blood gas studies (set)
IndentIndent18719-5 Chemistry studies (set)
IndentIndent18723-7 Hematology studies (set)
IndentIndent18720-3 Coagulation studies (set)
IndentIndent18728-6 Toxicology studies (set)
IndentIndent18725-2 Microbiology studies (set)
IndentIndent56874-1 Serology and blood bank studies (set)
IndentIndent18729-4 Urinalysis studies (set)
IndentIndent56847-7 Calculated and derived values (set)
IndentIndent56846-9 Cardiac biomarkers (set)
Indent27896-0 Pulmonary studies (set) 0..*
IndentIndent18744-3 Bronchoscopy study 0..*
IndentIndent28633-6 Polysomnography (sleep) study 0..*
IndentIndent18759-1 Spirometry study 0..*
Indent69458-8 Cardiology monitoring
IndentIndent56869-1 Continuous ST segment monitoring (set)
IndentIndent56848-5 Invasive hemodynamic monitoring (set)
IndentIndent56875-8 Mixed venous oxygen saturation monitoring (set)
IndentIndent56849-3 Cardiac rhythm monitoring (set)
Indent56850-1 Interpretation and review of laboratory results

Fully-Specified Name

ED procedures and results

Additional Names

Short Name
ED procedures & results DEEDS

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Version 2.27
Last Updated
Version 2.27
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LOINC Long Common Name
55168-9 Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.1

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PS, risultati e procedure:-:Pt:^Paziente:Determinato:DEEDS
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PS procedimentos e resultados:#N/A:Pt:^Paciente:Set:DEEDS

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