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What is the highest grade or level of school you have completed or the highest degree you have received

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Short Name
Current educational attainment

Survey Question

What is the highest grade or level of school you have completed or the highest degree you have received?

Normative Answer List: LL1069-5

Source: Consensus measures for Phenotypes and Exposures
Answer Code Score Answer ID
Never attended/kindergarten only 0 LA15606-9
1st grade 1 LA15607-7
2nd grade 2 LA15608-5
3rd grade 3 LA15609-3
4th grade 4 LA15610-1
5th grade 5 LA15611-9
6th grade 6 LA15612-7
7th grade 7 LA15613-5
8th grade 8 LA15614-3
9th grade 9 LA15615-0
10th grade 10 LA15616-8
11th grade 11 LA15617-6
12th grade, no diploma 12 LA15618-4
High school graduate 13 LA15564-0
GED or equivalent 14 LA15619-2
Some college, no degree 15 LA15620-0
Associate degree: occupational, technical, or vocational program 16 LA15621-8
Associate degree: academic program 17 LA15622-6
Bachelor's degree (e.g., BA, AB, BS) 18 LA12460-4
Master's degree (e.g., MA, MS, MEng, MEd, MSW, MBA) 19 LA12461-2
Professional school degree (example: MD, DDS, DVM, JD) 20 LA15625-9
Doctoral degree (example: PhD, EdD) 21 LA15626-7
RefusedCopyright ID:443390004 Refused (qualifier value) 77 LA4389-8
Don't knowCopyright ID:456791000124100 Do not know (qualifier value) 99 LA12688-0

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First Released
Version 2.36
Last Updated
Version 2.66
Change Reason
Updated the PhenX ID from "PhenX.<ID>" to "PX<ID>" in Survey Question Source field to align with the variable identifier used in the PhenX Toolkit; Removed Method of "NHANES" because this is a generic concept that can be used across domains.

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LOINC Long Common Name
63056-6 PhenX - current educational attainment protocol 011001
80216-5 Social, psychological and behavioral observations - 2015 Edition Health IT Certification Criteria set

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LG51306-5 SDOH

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Tag Language Translation
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) ¿Cuál es el grado o nivel escolar más alto que ha completado o el título más alto que ha recibido?:Tipo:Punto temporal:^ Paciente:Nominal:NHANES
it-IT Italian (Italy) Qual è il più alto grado o livello di scolarizzazione che ha completato o il più alto diploma che ha ricevuto:Osservazione:Pt:^Paziente:Nom:NHANES
Synonyms: Osservazione paziente PhenX Punto nel tempo (episodio)
zh-CN Chinese (China) 您在学校已经完成的最高年级或等级是什么,或者您已经获得的最高学历是什么:发现:时间点:^患者:名义型:NHANES
Synonyms: Consensus measures for Phenotypes and eXposures;PhenX;暴露;接触;表型与暴露共识指标;表现型与暴露共识指标;表型与暴露公认指标 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey;全国健康和营养检查调查;美国国家营养调查;美国全国健康和营养监测调查;美国国家健康和营养检查调查 分类型应答;分类型结果;名义性;名称型;名词型;名词性;标称性;没有自然次序的名义型或分类型应答 医疗服务对象;客户;病人;病患;病号;超系统 - 病人 发现是一个原子型临床观察指标,并不是作为印象的概括陈述。体格检查、病史、系统检查及其他此类观察指标的属性均为发现。它们的标尺对于编码型发现可能是名义型,而对于叙述型文本之中所报告的发现,则可能是叙述型。;发现物;所见;结果;结论 您在学校已经完成的最高年级或等级(学历水平)是什么,或者您已经获得的最高学历(学历水平)是什么 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 程度 等级 级 级;品级;成绩;评分;级别;等;等级;年级;分级 级别

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