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75745-0Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation Stage [NMMDS]Active

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Estimated extent of EHR implementation in the nursing delivery unit/services. Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation Stages are adopted from US HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM)©. They indicate the level of computerization within health care organizations.
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LP174447-5   NMMDS
The Nursing Management Minimum Data Set (NMMDS) is a researched-based set of core essential data used to support the administrative and management information needs for the provision of nursing care. NMMDS consists of 18 data elements grouped into three broad categories - environment, nursing care, and financial resources. Environment data elements include unit/service unique identifiers, type of nursing delivery unit/service, patient/client population, volume of nursing delivery unit/service, and method of care delivery. Nursing care data elements include manager demographic profile, nursing staff and client care support personnel, nursing care staff demographic profile, and nursing care staff satisfaction. Financial resources data elements are payer type, reimbursement, nursing delivery unit/service budget, expenses. Copyright Copyright © 2006 Diane Huber and Connie Delaney. Source: NMMDS, NMMDS

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Electronic health record implementation stage
{Nursing unit}

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Version 2.50
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Version 2.50
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Normative Answer List LL3104-8

Source: NMMDS

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Stage 0 - All three ancillaries not installed (laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology) 22.01 LA21931-3
Stage 1 - Ancillaries - Lab, Rad, Pharmacy - all installed 22.02 LA21932-1
Stage 2 - Clinical Data Repository (CDR), Controlled Medical Vocabulary, Clinical Decision Support (CDS), may have Document Imaging; Health Information Exchange (HIE) capable 22.03 LA21933-9
Stage 3 - Nursing/clinical documentation (flow sheets), CDSS (error checking), Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS) available outside Radiology 22.04 LA21934-7
Stage 4 - Computerized Practitioner Order Entry (CPOE), Clinical Decision Support (clinical protocols) 22.05 LA21935-4
Stage 5 - The closed loop medication administration with bar coded unit dose medications environment is fully implemented 22.06 LA21936-2
Stage 6 - Physician documentation (structured templates), full CDSS (variance & compliance), full Radiology-PACS 22.07 LA21937-0
Stage 7 - Complete EMR; CCD transactions to share data; Data warehousing; Data continuity with ED, ambulatory, OP 22.08 LA21938-8

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52826-5 Nursing Management Minimum Data Set panel [NMMDS]

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