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The presence or absence of isolated satellite nodules (extramural tumor deposits) within the mesocolic and mesorectal fat. This term was created for, but not limited in use to, the Colorectal Cancer Structured Reporting Protocol (2nd Edition, 2012) developed by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA).
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Part Description

LP222090-5   Satellite nodules
A satellite nodule is a cluster of neoplastic cells that are less than 2cm from the primary tumor. [NCBI Books: NBK65951] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Fully-Specified Name

Satellite nodules
Colorectal cancer specimen

Additional Names

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Satellite nodules CRC spec Ql
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Satellite nodules Ql (Colorectal cancer specimen)
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Satellite nodules, Colorectal cancer specimen

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Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.58
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Version 2.69
Change Reason
This term is still in Trial status and upon further review, the System was updated from 'Specimen' to reflect that this concept is specific to the colorectal cancer reporting protocol.
Order vs. Observation

Member of these Panels

LOINC Long Common Name
85905-8 Cancer pathology panel - Colorectal cancer specimen by CAP cancer protocols

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Tag Language Translation
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Nódulos satélites:PrThr:Punto temporal:Cáncer colorectal:Ord:
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Nódulos satélite:Presencia o umbral:Punto temporal:Muestra de cáncer colorrectal:Ordinal:
it-IT Italian (Italy) Noduli satelliti:PrThr:Pt:Campione di carcinoma del colon-retto:Ord:
Synonyms: Campione di tumore Neoplasia maligna Patologia Presenza o Soglia Punto nel tempo (episodio)
zh-CN Chinese (China) 卫星结节:存在情况或阈值:时间点:结直肠癌标本:序数型:
Synonyms: 供检查用的材料;待检物;待试验物;样品;样本;试料;试样 依次型;分类顺序型;定性的;序数型(或称等级型);性质上的;有序型;有序性分类应答;有序性分类结果;秩次型;等级型;筛查;顺序型 卫星病灶;微小病灶;孤立结节;孤立卫星结节;isolated satellite nodules (extramural tumor deposits);孤立卫星结节(壁外肿瘤种植) 受检物 存在情况;存在;存在与否;是否存在;阈值;界值;界限;阀值;临界值;存在情况(存在、存在与否、是否存在)或阈值(界值、界限、阀值、临界值) 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 样品 样本 癌 癌(癌症、癌变)标本(样本、样品、试样) 结直肠癌(结肠直肠癌、大肠癌、大肠直肠癌)标本(样本、样品、试样);结肠直肠癌标本;大肠癌标本;大肠直肠癌标本 试样

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