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LP14416-9   Rubella virus
Rubella (also known as epidemic roseola, German measles, liberty measles or three-day measles) is a disease caused by the Rubella virus. It is often a mild illness, with symptoms of sore throat, low-grade fever, and a rash on the body. The virus usually enters the body through the nose or throat. Like most viruses living along the respiratory tract, it is transmitted from person to person by tiny droplets that are inhaled. Rubella can pose a serious risk if transmitted from a mother to her developing baby if a woman is infected while she is pregnant, especially during the first trimester. The baby is at risk for having congenital rubella syndrome (CRS). The most common symptoms of CRS include heart defects, deafness, cataracts, intellectual disabilities, and liver or spleen damage.[CDC: Rubella] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

LP247714-1   Rubella virus genotype
Rubella virus genome consists of enveloped, non-segmented, positive sense RNA. It encodes three structural and two non-structural proteins. The structural proteins include capsid (C) and two glycoproteins, E2 and E1. The non-structural proteins include P150 and P90. [PMID: 23351667] Genetic characterization of RuV genomes contributes to virus surveillance efforts. Genotyping is based on comparison of a 739 nucleotide sequence in the E1 coding region to reference virus sequences. According to the WHO nomenclature for Rubella virus, genotype names are indicated by a number (1 or 2) that indicates the clade that the genotype belongs to, followed by a letter that represents grouping within the clade. For genotypes that are considered provisional, a lower case letter is used, and when a genotype goes from provisional to accepted status, the letter is changed to upper case. For example, provisional genotypes 1h, 1i and 1j were established in 2007 and upgraded to 1H, 1I and 1J in 2013. [http://www.who.int/wer/2013/wer8832.pdf] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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Rubella virus genotype

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Rubella virus genotype Nom (Unsp spec)

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Version 2.61
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Answer Code Score Answer ID
Rubella virus genotype 1a LA27186-8
Rubella virus genotype 1B LA27187-6
Rubella virus genotype 1C LA27188-4
Rubella virus genotype 1D LA27189-2
Rubella virus genotype 1E LA27190-0
Rubella virus genotype 1F LA27191-8
Rubella virus genotype 1G LA27192-6
Rubella virus genotype 1H LA27193-4
Rubella virus genotype 1I LA27194-2
Rubella virus genotype 1J LA27195-9
Rubella virus genotype 2A LA27196-7
Rubella virus genotype 2B LA27197-5
Rubella virus genotype 2C LA27198-3
Other LA46-8
Unknown Copyright http://snomed.info/sct ID:261665006 Unknown (qualifier value) LA4489-6

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85795-3 Rubella virus E1 gene and genotype panel - Unspecified specimen

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LG32766-4 Rubella virus

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zh-CNChinese (CHINA)
风疹病毒 基因型:类型:时间点:XXX:名义型:
Rubellavirus genotype:type:moment:XXX:nominaal:
et-EEEstonian (ESTONIA)
Punetiseviirus genotüüp:Tüüp:Pt:XXX:Nom:
fr-BEFrench (BELGIUM)
Virus de la rubéole Génotype:Type:Temps ponctuel:XXX:Nominal:
fr-CAFrench (CANADA)
Virus de la rubéole , Génotype:Type:Temps ponctuel:XXX:Nominal:
fr-FRFrench (FRANCE)
Rubéole virus E1 génotype:Type:Ponctuel:Milieux divers:Résultat nominal:
el-GRGreek (GREECE)
Ιός ερυθράς γονότυπος:Τύπος:Χρονική στιγμή:ΧΧΧ:Ονομαστική:
it-ITItalian (ITALY)
Rosolia virus , genotipo:Tipo:Pt:XXX:Nom:
Краснухи вирус генотип:Тип:ТчкВрм:XXX:Ном:
es-ESSpanish (SPAIN)
Virus de la Rubeola Genotipo:Tipo:Punto temporal:XXX:Nom:
tr-TRTurkish (TURKEY)
Rubella virüsü genotip:Tip:Zmlı:XXX:Snf:

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