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Answer Code Score Answer ID
YesCopyright ID:373066001 Yes (qualifier value) 1 LA33-6
NoCopyright ID:373067005 No (qualifier value) 2 LA32-8
Don't knowCopyright ID:456791000124100 Do not know (qualifier value) 3 LA12688-0

LOINC terms using this Answer List

66174-4 Are you currently pregnant [PhenX]
64536-6 At bedtime does your child usually have difficult routines or rituals, argue a lot, or otherwise behave badly [PhenX]
64516-8 At night, does your child usually become sweaty, or do the pajamas usually become wet with perspiration [PhenX]
64517-6 At night, does your child usually get out of bed for any reason [PhenX]
64518-4 At night, does your child usually get out of bed to urinate [PhenX]
64511-9 Child restless legs bed [PhenX]
64561-4 Did any difficulties with breathing occur before, during, or after surgery [PhenX]
66419-3 Did the patient have a pre-travel encounter with a health care provider [PhenX]
64555-6 Did your child stop growing at a normal rate at any time since birth [PhenX]
64522-6 Do any allergies affect your childs ability to breathe through the nose [PhenX]
64487-2 Do you snore [PhenX]
64525-9 Does your child complain of an upset stomach at night [PhenX]
64549-9 Does your child complain that he or she feels sleepy during the day [PhenX]
64566-3 Does your child drink caffeinated beverages on a typical day - cola, tea, coffee [PhenX]
64526-7 Does your child get a burning feeling in the throat at night [PhenX]
64554-9 Does your child get a headache at least once a Mo, on average [PhenX]
64527-5 Does your child grind his or her teeth at night [PhenX]
64524-2 Does your child have a dry mouth on waking up in the morning [PhenX]
64548-1 Does your child have a problem with sleepiness during the day [PhenX]
64534-1 Does your child have difficulty falling asleep at night [PhenX]
64512-7 Does your child have growing pains - unexplained leg pains [PhenX]
64513-5 Does your child have growing pains that are worst in bed [PhenX]
64531-7 Does your child have nightmares once a week or more on average [PhenX]
64510-1 Does your child have restless sleep [PhenX]
64539-0 Does your child have trouble falling back asleep if he or she wakes up at night [PhenX]
64528-3 Does your child occasionally wet the bed [PhenX]
64556-4 Does your child still have tonsils [PhenX]
64523-4 Does your child tend to breathe through the mouth during the day [PhenX]
64568-9 Does your child use any recreational drugs [PhenX]
64570-5 Does your child use cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, or other tobacco products [PhenX]
64520-0 Does your child usually sleep with the mouth open [PhenX]
64551-5 Does your child usually take a nap during the day [PhenX]
64540-8 Does your child wake up early in the morning and have difficulty going back to sleep [PhenX]
64547-3 Does your child wake up feeling unrefreshed in the morning [PhenX]
64538-2 Does your child wake up more than twice a night on average [PhenX]
64553-1 Does your child wake up with headaches in the morning [PhenX]
66570-3 Has a doctor ever said that you had a broken or fractured bone [PhenX]
64575-4 Has a doctor ever told you that your child has a high-arched palate, roof of the mouth [PhenX]
64577-0 Has a health professional ever said that your child has attention-deficit disorder, ADD, or attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, ADHD [PhenX]
64550-7 Has a teacher or other supervisor commented that your child appears sleepy during the day [PhenX]
64562-2 Has your child ever become suddenly weak in the legs, or anywhere else, after laughing or being surprised by something [PhenX]
64533-3 Has your child ever been moving or behaving, at night, in a way that made you think your child was neither completely awake nor asleep [PhenX]
64563-0 Has your child ever felt unable to move for a short period, in bed, though awake and able to look around [PhenX]
64559-8 Has your child ever had a condition causing difficulty with breathing [PhenX]
64560-6 Has your child ever had surgery [PhenX]
64565-5 Has your child ever sensed that he or she was dreaming, seeing images or hearing sounds, while still awake [PhenX]
64576-2 Has your child ever taken Ritalin, methylphenidate, for behavioral problems [PhenX]
64529-1 Has your child ever walked during sleep - sleep walking [PhenX]
64532-5 Has your child ever woken up screaming during the night [PhenX]
64564-8 Has your child felt an irresistible urge to take a nap at times, forcing him or her to stop what he or she is doing in order to sleep [PhenX]
64490-6 Has your snoring ever bothered other people [PhenX]
64507-7 Have you ever been concerned about your childs breathing during sleep [PhenX]
64508-5 Have you ever had to shake your sleeping child to get him or her to breathe, or wake up and breathe [PhenX]
64530-9 Have you ever heard your child talk during sleep - sleep talking [PhenX]
64506-9 Have you ever seen your child stop breathing during the night [PhenX]
64509-3 Have you ever seen your child wake up with a snorting sound [PhenX]
64535-8 How long does it take your child to fall asleep at night [PhenX]
64552-3 Is it hard to wake your child up in the morning [PhenX]
64573-9 Is your child overweight [PhenX]
64521-8 Is your child's nose usually congested or stuffed at night [PhenX]
64502-8 While sleeping, does your child always snore [PhenX]
64500-2 While sleeping, does your child ever snore [PhenX]
64501-0 While sleeping, does your child ever snore more than half the time [PhenX]
64504-4 While sleeping, does your child have heavy or loud breathing [PhenX]
64505-1 While sleeping, does your child have trouble breathing, or struggle to breathe [PhenX]
64503-6 While sleeping, does your child snore loudly [PhenX]
64514-3 While your child sleeps, have you seen brief kicks of one leg or both legs [PhenX]
64515-0 While your child sleeps, have you seen repeated kicks or jerks of the legs at regular intervals - about every 20 to 40S [PhenX]

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