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Example Answer List: LL2858-0

Source: Regenstrief LOINC
Answer Code Score Answer ID
American Indian or Alaska Native LA6155-1
Asian LA6156-9
Black or African American LA10610-6
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander LA10611-4
White LA4457-3
UnknownCopyright ID:261665006 Unknown (qualifier value) LA4489-6

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First Released
Version 2.09
Last Updated
Version 2.73
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Member of these Panels

LOINC Long Common Name Answer List Answer List Type Answers
89070-7 ADAPTABLE patient reported item set [ADAPTABLE] LL4960-2 Normative 7
58735-2 Alpha-1-Fetoprotein panel - Amniotic fluid
48802-3 Alpha-1-Fetoprotein panel - Serum or Plasma
55168-9 Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.1
45963-6 Deprecated MDS basic assessment tracking form - version 2.0
86636-8 Family planning report - FPAR 2.0 set
49085-4 First and Second trimester integrated maternal screen panel
48798-3 First trimester maternal screen panel - Serum or Plasma
49086-2 First trimester maternal screen with nuchal translucency panel
49087-0 Maternal screen clinical predictors panel
82259-3 Metabolic equivalent of task and Resting metabolic rate panel
80399-9 Occupational exposure information panel
79191-3 Patient demographics panel
99192-7 Patient-reported outcomes with LASIK - pre-operative panel [Patient reported outcomes with LASIK] LL6100-3 Normative 8
93025-5 Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patients' Assets, Risks, and Experiences [PRAPARE] LL5348-9 Normative 8
48799-1 Second trimester penta maternal screen panel - Serum or Plasma
48800-7 Second trimester quad maternal screen panel - Serum or Plasma
35086-8 Second trimester triple maternal screen panel - Serum or Plasma

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Tag Language Translation
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) raza:tipo:punto en el tiempo:^paciente:Nominal:
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Raza:Tipo:Punto temporal:^ Paciente:Nominal:
fr-BE French (Belgium) Race:Type:Temps ponctuel:^Patient:Nominal:
it-IT Italian (Italy) Razza:Tipo:Pt:^Paziente:Nom:
Synonyms: Clinico paziente Punto nel tempo (episodio)
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) ras:type:moment:^patiënt:nominaal:
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Raça:Tipo:Pt:^Paciente:Nom:
Synonyms: Ethnicity; Typ; Point in time; Random; Nominal
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) раса:Тип:ТчкВрм:^Пациент:Ном:
Synonyms: Номинальный;Именной Точка во времени;Момент
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Irk:Tip:Zmlı:^Hasta:Snf:
Synonyms: Tür
uk-UA Ukrainian (Ukraine) Раса:Тип:МоментЧасу:^Пацієнт:Категорійно:
Synonyms: AOEObservation; CLIN; Ethnicity; Nominal; Point in time; Random; Typ
zh-CN Chinese (China) 种族:类型:时间点:^患者:名义型:
Synonyms: 人种;族;民族;种 分类型应答;分类型结果;名义性;名称型;名词型;名词性;标称性;没有自然次序的名义型或分类型应答 医疗服务对象;客户;病人;病患;病号;超系统 - 病人 型 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间

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