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Download LOINC Accessory Files


The LOINC distribution includes several LOINC Accessory Files and other resources. Some of these files are updated with each LOINC release. Others have their own timelines for being updated.

The hierarchy and panel structure files are for advanced LOINCers who want to do more with the LOINC codes in their system.

For entry-level LOINCers, we've created a set of three data-driven lists to help you get LOINCing fast.


LOINC Hierarchy and Panel Structure Files


LOINC Panels and Forms File (10.3 MB)

An export of a key subset of the Panels and Forms represented in LOINC. The entire package of this key subset is currently available, in addition to separate packages for Laboratory panels, Clinical panels, Consumer Health panels, HEDIS panels, the HL7 Clinical Genetics panels, Newborn Screening panels, PhenX panels, US Government panels (including the CMS survey instruments MDSv2, MDSv3, OASIS, and CARE), and Other Survey Instruments. The hierarchical structure is represented in the file by the PARENT_ID, ID and SEQUENCE fields. The root, or top level, records in the file are those records where the PARENT_ID = ID. The records are in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (compressed as a zip file) with separate worksheets (tabs) for the form structure, loinc code details, and answer lists.

File Version: LOINC Panels and Forms 2.48 | Release Date: 2014-06-27 | File type: application/zip


LOINC Multiaxial Hierarchy File (1.0 MB)

An export of the LOINC Multi-axial hierarchy in a computable format. The records in this file represent nodes of the hierarchy, whether LOINC Parts or full LOINC codes. The ordered sequence at any level of the hierarchy is given by the SEQUENCE field. Top level nodes in the hierarchy are those where PATH_TO_ROOT is null. This file is a "Comma Separated Value" text (compressed as a zip file), which can be read by Microsoft Excel and is also suitable for import into most common database platforms. If you open the file in Excel, be aware that there is problem with how Excel automatically formats the "CODE" column by turning strings into dates. See for more information.

File Version: LOINC Multiaxial Hierarchy 2.48 | Release Date: 2014-06-27 | File type: application/zip


LOINC Document Ontology File (24.0 kB)

An export of the LOINC terms in the Document Ontology class (DOC.CLINRPT) and the values they contain from each axis of the Document Ontology. The axis values are identified by LOINC Part Numbers and classified according their type (Setting, TypeOfService, etc). Because some LOINC terms contain combinations of Document Ontology values from within the same axis, the PartSequenceOrder field indicates their proper order within that axis. This zip file archive contains: 1) The Document Ontology file in CSV text format with each record on a separate line (terminated by CR/LF) and each field delimited by a comma character. 2) The LOINC License in a text file format.

File Version: LOINC Document Ontology 2.48 | Release Date: 2014-06-27 | File type: application/zip


LOINC Context-specific Hierarchy Template File (14.8 kB)

Template of the generalized LOINC Context-specific Hierarchy model in Microsoft Access™ database format, compressed as a zip file. The schema for this database is described in detail within the RELMA User's Manual under the CONTEXT SPECIFIC HIERARCHIES section.

File Version: LOINC Context-specific Hierarchy Template 1.0 | Release Date: 2009-01-10 | File type: application/zip

Common LOINC Result and Order Codes


LOINC Top 2000 Results

Get started with an empirical list of the most frequently used LOINC result codes. Expert mapping advice included.


LOINC Top 300 Orders

A super short list of LOINCs covering >95% of U.S. lab orders. Empirically derived and vetted by consensus.


LOINC Common UCUM Codes

Lost with UCUM? This list makes it easy for your typical reporting units of measure..

Current Versions
LOINC 2.48
Released: 2014-06-27

Released: 2014-06-27
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