LOINC Strategic Plan Summary

Updated 2021-02-01

We are conducting an annual review of our strategic plan. Stay tuned for updates.



The LOINC Strategic Roadmap provides guidance to the LOINC program and Regenstrief Institute leadership in their continued efforts to continually adapt to the evolving healthcare and terminology landscape. The Roadmap is an overarching plan to support improved operations and decision making across LOINC through defined goals and structured processes and timelines. Key performance indicators (KPIs), related work initiatives for implementing such opportunities, and estimated timelines and performance indicators are identified.

The Roadmap is derived from a synthesis of operational best practices as well as findings and recommendations discovered during LOINC’s strategic planning efforts from October to December 2019. The Roadmap is a decision-support tool designed to guide LOINC’s overarching strategy.

Human-Centered Design

LOINC’s strategic planning efforts used Human Centered Design frameworks and processes to engage over 120 stakeholders in interviews and listening sessions (Discover Phase).

The following strategic roadmap represents the next stage in this process and framework: Design Phase. The KPIs and critical paths illustrated here were developed through group ideation sessions with internal and external stakeholders and are the synthesis of our findings from the Discovery Phase.

LOINC and Regenstrief Institute should continue to incorporate a human-centered design approach when using the tool (Deliver Phase), as well as an iterative methodology to maintaining and revising the Roadmap (Measure Phase). The human-centered design approach places people at the center of the process when fulfilling critical requirements.

Strategic Goals and Roadmap

Strategic Goal 1
Ensure universal understanding of LOINC and its purpose, uses, and value


KPI 1.1

Increased engagement with both external (users) stakeholders and internal (Regenstrief Institute) stakeholders through impactful messaging

KPI 1.2

Enhanced LOINC value proposition through development and execution of a communication plan and a measurement and research agenda

Strategic Goal 2
Create an adaptive staffing model that adequately supports the program now and in the future


KPI 2.1

Improved organizational maturity through development and implementation of appropriate staffing model

Strategic Goal 3
Position LOINC as a leader and innovator within a larger community, including current funders, global SDO groups, and academic partners


KPI 3.1

Expanded and improved partnerships and relationships

KPI 3.2

Expanded academic affiliation

KPI 3.3

Visible leadership role in the international SDO community

Strategic Goal 4
Enhance innovation and technology


KPI 4.1

Decreased technical debt over a defined period of time

KPI 4.2

Improved methodology for content delivery

KPI 4.3

Internationally-aligned content (measurements, naming, etc.) standards through the development of a master data dictionary standard

KPI 4.4

Improved usability of user interfaces