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Defining a list of LOINC Systems for Microbiology

Laboratory Committee

The purpose of the special topics workgroup on the LOINC System for Microbiology terms is to review the spectrum of Systems used in LOINC Microbiology terms and to develop a proposal for a defined list of allowable System values for new terms. The workgroup will take into consideration the level of granularity needed in different domains, such as hospital laboratories, reference laboratories, and public health, the issue of specimen type versus specimen source, and existing ontologies for laboratory specimens. The proposal will be presented to the LOINC Laboratory Committee in December 2018.

First meeting: Aug. 7, 2018, 10:00 a.m. EDT
2018-08-07, 14:00 UTC
Subsequent meetings: First Tuesday of month, 10:00 a.m. EDT
14:00 UTC

Swapna Abhyankar (Regenstrief)
Salve Achacoso (CHI)
Pam Banning (3M Health Information Systems)
Nancy Cornish (CDC)
Jami Deckard (Regenstrief)
Nassim Dunkin (Cerner)
James Fitzpatrick (Epic)
MariBeth Gagnon (CDC)
Xavier Gansel (bioMerieux)
Daniel Golson (Tennessee Dept. of Health)
Ram Gouripeddi (University of Utah)
Leanna Harmon (LabCorp)
Robert Hausam (Hausam Consulting)
Emily Henkle (OHSU-PSU SPH)
Barbara Herrmann (Mayo)

David Jones (Utah Dept. of Health)
Madhavi Khamar (Independent)
Rosanne Kowalski (Catholic Health)
Michael Martin (NAHLN)
Pam Noble (JP Systems)
Anil Patel (eHealth Ontario)
Tiffany Paulsen (ACL Laboratories)
Andrea Pitkus (Independent)
Rita Pyle (eHealth Ontario)
Amanda Santander (Tennessee Dept. of Health)
Lisa Thomas (eHealth Ontario)
Stephanie VenDouern (Nemours)
Joseph Yao (Mayo)
Mary Zabriskie (Regenstrief)

Document Ontology

Clinical Committee

The LOINC Document Ontology provides the framework for displaying clinical documents in an organized, logical way as well as allowing for efficient data retrieval using the structured document properties. This Workgroup will review new Document Ontology axis value proposals from various submitters as well as discuss any LOINC modeling questions that arise related to this framework.

First meeting: Aug. 30, 2017, 10:30 a.m. EDT
2017-08-30, 14:30 UTC
Subsequent meetings: Second Tuesday of month, 2:00 p.m. EDT
18:00 UTC

Swapna Abhyankar (Regenstrief)
Salve Achacoso (CHI)
Khalid Adaili (PSMMC)
Deborah Anderson (City of Chicago)
Sara Armson (Regenstrief)
June Bronnert (IMO)
Dennis Cabel (British Columbia HIS)
Quinn Chen (Evolent Health)
Ash Davison (Johns Hopkins)
Jami Deckard (Regenstrief)
Robert Dieterle (EnableCare)
Tiffany Harman (3M HIS)
Nima Heirat (OntarioMD)
Catherine Holck (JP Systems)
Stan Huff (Intermountain)
Ted Klein (Klein Consulting Informatics)

Carolyn Knapik (CAP)
Kris Phueakkham (Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital)
Andrea Pitkus (IMO)
Anna Pron-Zwick (AstraZeneca)
Rita Pyle (eHealth Ontario)
Chris Riches (Intermountain)
Luigi Sison (LS Associates)
John Snyder (Geisinger)
Loren Stevenson (VA)
Mitch Strong (Cerner)
Jacqui Thomas (Humedica)
Daniel Vreeman (Regenstrief)
Mary Zabriskie (Regenstrief)

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