Special Topics Workgroups

Current workgroups

These teams meet monthly and will make recommendations to the LOINC Committee. More details on each team are below.

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Document Ontology

Clinical Committee

The LOINC Document Ontology provides the framework for displaying clinical documents in an organized, logical way as well as allowing for efficient data retrieval using the structured document properties. This Workgroup will review new Document Ontology axis value proposals from various submitters as well as discuss any LOINC modeling questions that arise related to this framework.

First meeting: Aug. 30, 2017, 10:30 a.m. EDT
2017-08-30, 14:30 UTC
Subsequent meetings: Second Tuesday of month, 2:00 p.m. EDT
18:00 UTC

Swapna Abhyankar (Regenstrief)
Sheila Abner (CDC)
Khalid Adaili (PSMMC)
Deborah Anderson (City of Chicago)
Sara Armson (Regenstrief)
June Bronnert (IMO)
Dennis Cabel (British Columbia HIS)
Quinn Chen (Evolent Health)
Ash Davison (Johns Hopkins)
Jami Deckard (Regenstrief)
Robert Dieterle (EnableCare)
Tiffany Harman (3M HIS)
Nima Heirat (OntarioMD)
Catherine Holck (JP Systems)
Stan Huff (Intermountain)

Carolyn Knapik (CAP)
Kris Phueakkham (Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital)
Andrea Pitkus (IMO)
Anna Pron-Zwick (AstraZeneca)
Rita Pyle (eHealth Ontario)
Chris Riches (Intermountain)
Luigi Sison (LS Associates)
John Snyder (Geisinger)
Loren Stevenson (VA)
Mitch Strong (Cerner)
Jacqui Thomas (Humedica)
Daniel Vreeman (Regenstrief)
Mary Zabriskie (Regenstrief)

Cell Marker Naming

Laboratory Committee

Currently LOINC includes more than 500 terms for cell markers that have a denominator of "100 cells" without specifying the type of cell or cell marker(s) they represent. These terms are ambiguous because the results could have different meanings depending on what types of cells are used for gating (e.g., leukocytes versus lymphocytes). The task for this Workgroup is to review the existing concepts and develop a recommendation for how to disambiguate these terms.

First meeting: Sept. 6, 2017, 10:00 a.m. EDT
2017-09-06, 14:00 UTC
Subsequent meetings: First Wednesday of month, 10:00 a.m. EDT
14:00 UTC

Swapna Abhyankar (Regenstrief)
Dannita Brooker (Sanofi)
Xiaoren Chen (United Health Group)
Bev Cheruvathoor (CVS Health)
Jami Deckard (Regenstrief)
Barbara Herrmann (Mayo)
Catherine Holck (JP Systems)
Andrew Laramy (eHealth Ontario)
Tiffany Lemmon (T Linkage)
Scott Mayorga (Independent)
Riki Merrick (APHL)
Andrea Pitkus (IMO)
Lisa Thomas (eHealth Ontario)
Mary Zabriskie (Regenstrief)