Work to develop, review, and test new guides is currently on hold. You may sign up below to participate and we will notify you once work resumes. You may also download the DRAFT or published guides below.

We have embarked on a two-year project to create guides for using LOINC terms across six laboratory domains. As with the Guide for Using LOINC Microbiology Terms published in 2018, these new resources will help laboratories map their individual tests or catalogs within these fields to appropriate LOINC terms according to best practice.

Each document is written by LOINC's terminology development team and reviewed by external stakeholders and volunteer experts in each discipline. After initial review, each guide is subject to pilot testing by laboratory professionals, followed by a second external review. The end result is a thoroughly vetted guide that can be used to train individuals in mapping of lab tests to LOINC codes for interoperable data exchange.

See future guide topics below along with your opportunity to participate in the review and/or pilot testing process.

Guide development process


Published guides

Guide for Using LOINC Microbiology Terms

Originally published August 2018. Version 1.1 released in August 2019. We welcome feedback on our dedicated public forum.

DOWNLOAD  Version 1.1

Sign up to participate in the next round of guide creation and testing!

We need help from subject matter experts to review the contents of these guides as well as laboratories and/or IVD vendors willing to serve as pilot sites.

The scope of these roles is as follows:


  • Read the first draft of the guide and provide comments using an online feedback page;
  • Review and provide feedback on a subsequent revision;
  • We anticipate that each guide will take 8-10 hours to review.

Pilot sites

  • Map 40-50 of your lab tests to LOINC and share these with the Regenstrief LOINC team before receiving a draft copy of the guide;
  • Review the same 40-50 tests using a draft version of the guide, confirm each mapping or update as necessary, and share these with the LOINC team;
  • Provide feedback on the guide using an online feedback page;
  • We anticipate that all of this work will take a total of 30-40 hours to complete;
  • BONUS: the LOINC team will review your mappings and provide you with feedback.

Please sign up below indicating your interest as either a reviewer or pilot site for one or more domains

You can sign up to be both a reviewer and a pilot site as long as it is for different domains, e.g., reviewer for Allergy and Serology and pilot site for Cell Markers. We will contact you as the time frames near. Note that the dates below are approximate.

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