LOINC Development

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Regenstrief Institute is the owner and overall steward of the LOINC vocabulary standard. Led by Clem McDonald, MD, Regenstrief’s informaticians initiated the LOINC effort in 1994.

Regenstrief serves as the standards development organization (SDO) for LOINC. The LOINC team at Regenstrief maintains the LOINC database and supporting documentation, processes submissions and edits to the content, develops and curates accessory content (descriptions, hierarchies, other attributes, etc), develops the RELMA mapping program, and coordinates LOINC releases. In addition, Regenstrief continues to cultivate the LOINC community worldwide. The LOINC effort at Regenstrief is led by Daniel J. Vreeman, PT, DPT, MS, Director of LOINC and Health Data Standards.

To help guide the overall LOINC development, Regenstrief organized the LOINC Committee.

LOINC Committee

The LOINC Committee serves a number of key roles in LOINC development. As a group, the Committee defines the overall naming conventions and policies for the development process. In collaboration with Regenstrief and other stakeholders, the Committee helps set priorities for new content development.

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