More than just a database, LOINC is a growing global community

LOINC is grown in Indiana, USA, but LOINC users come from all over the world!

Many kinds of people and organizations use LOINC to share and aggregate health data, including large reference laboratories, healthcare organizations, software vendors, federal agencies, NGOs, insurance companies, in vitro diagnostic manufacturers, ministries of health, regional health information networks, national standards bodies, and more.

Translations enable international adoption

LOINC content and documentation have been translated into many languages to meet the needs of different jurisdictions. Regenstrief has developed a mechanism to make the process more efficient for our translators by using the atomic parts that a LOINC term is composed of.

Both RELMA and have multilingual searching capabilities.

Use LOINC Translations

You can use LOINC Translations at no cost in our search programs and as a separate download.

Translate LOINC

Help expand LOINC's reach with translations. See our guide on how to participate.

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Available Linguistic Variants

Visit each translation for more information including downloads and credits.