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NLM/Regenstrief LForms Widget



The LForms Widget

An open source Javascript widget that creates data input forms based on LOINC’s rich content model.

LForms is a completely free widget toolkit that leverages LOINC's rich content model for panels, forms, and survey instruments. Developed by NLM's Lister Hill Center for Biomedical Communications in collaboration with the Regenstrief Institute,  LForms can read any of the 1,700+ panels defined in LOINC and render a powerful data entry form. It works across all of the domains (laboratory panels, survey instruments, etc) included in LOINC.

LForms power comes through its support of detailed form attributes, including: data type, cardinality, default value, units of measure (if numeric), answer lists (if multiple choice), relationship (in a hierarchy) to other questions, validation checks, skip logic and help messages.


See for yourself. Explore NLM's standalone LForms Demo site.


iPad LForms - 300


We've also built tight integration into RELMA and


Thinkpad RELMA - 600


You can now get quickly from a LOINC panel term to an example data entry form that's hosted here on the website from all of these places:

  1. Panels, Forms & Surveys screen
  2. Search result grids and details pages in RELMA
  3. Search result grids and details pages in


Interested in hacking LForms for your application? Download the LForms software from GitHub.

Out of the box, Forms does not include a mechanism to actually store data in a system like and EHR or PHR, but it would not be very difficult for an experienced developer. Likewise, authentication and user control are pieces you would need to add your own custom solution for.

Current Versions
LOINC 2.59
Released: 2017-02-21

RELMA 6.18
Released: 2017-02-21

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