Panel Browser

About this tool

This panel browser organizes LOINC Panels by the top-level categories shown above, each of which contains sub-categories in order to make it easier to find the Panels you are looking for. Lab sub-categories are primarily based on the LOINC Class, while the others are organized in different ways depending on the top-level category, such as by clinical specialty and government agency.

Content is from current LOINC release. No pre-released or deprecated panel terms are included in this panel browser. Pre-released terms, including panels, are available on the pre-release page. To directly search all released content in LOINC, visit

The panel browser is a work in progress. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

About Panels in LOINC

LOINC Panels are collections of LOINC terms that represent specific sets of information, such as a laboratory battery of tests, a group of findings from a procedure such as an EKG, and forms or assessments related to health that are completed by patients and/or providers.

LOINC Panels contain a specific structure, and depending on the type of panel, can include attributes such as form coding instructions, skip logic, and nested panels.

For more information on modeling of Panels in LOINC, refer to Chapter 7 of the LOINC Users' Guide.