You can download LOINC as the following combined file—or the various individual files referenced below.

LOINC and RELMA Complete Package

666 MB

LOINC and RELMA Complete Download File

Compressed zip file containing the RELMA® program installer (Windows) and all of the core LOINC® files, including the LOINC® Table (all formats), documentation, and all accessory files.

LOINC and RELMA Files à la carte


The LOINC table contains fields for LOINC codes, each of the six parts of the formal name of the LOINC, synonyms, comments, and other information. It is distributed as a CSV format text file or a Microsoft Access database.

A release-to-release Change File and Change Report is also available. Documentation includes LOINC Release Notes and the comprehensive LOINC User's Guide.


The Regenstrief LOINC Mapping Assistant (RELMA®) is a Microsoft Windows application for searching the LOINC database and helper for mapping local codes to LOINC codes. Documentation includes RELMA Release Notes and a comprehensive RELMA Manual.

You can also read the complete description of RELMA's features and requirements.

Accessory Files

Other files in the LOINC distribution:

  • LOINC Part File
  • LOINC Answer File
  • LOINC Group File
  • LOINC Consumer Name File
  • Hierarchy and Panel Structure Files
  • Top 2000+ Results
  • Top 300 Orders
  • Common UCUM Codes
  • Linguistic Variants File
  • LOINC/SNOMED CT Expression Association and Map Sets (Technology Preview)
  • LOINC/IEEE Medical Device Code Mapping Table
  • LOINC Document Ontology
  • LOINC Document Ontology (OWL)
  • LOINC/RSNA Radiology Playbook
  • LOINC Imaging Document Codes