Information model and terminology model issues related to goals.

Goal statements are a significant component of structures that support the process of health care delivery such as practice guidelines, standards of care, critical pathways, disease management plans, patient education plans, and nursing care plans. Although these structures are increasingly computer-based, there has been little attention to the formal representation of goal statements. This is a necessary prerequisite for enabling semantic interoperability. Existing and evolving information model and terminology model standards offer some approaches that may be applicable to goal statements, however, a number of issues require resolution

Proceedings / AMIA ... Annual Symposium. AMIA Symposium. 2002 ;():17-21.

ISSN 1531-605X

Authors: Suzanne Bakken, Judith J Warren, Anne Casey, Debra Konicek, Cynthia Lundberg, Marcel Pooke

PMID 12463778, PMC2244235

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