Build LOINC with us

We imagine a world where people experience optimal health catalyzed by a seamless network of health information systems.

What are the benefits of LOINC?

  • Hospital systems use LOINC to ensure accurate transmission of health data within their individual facilities and across systems;
  • Healthcare device manufacturers implement LOINC so that clinical result data are coded at the source, where the most information is available;
  • Consumer-facing application developers embed LOINC so that consumer-generated health and fitness data are standardized the same way as hospital-generated data;
  • Countries across the globe use LOINC to ensure that public health data are being collected in a standard format;
  • Researchers working on everything from pandemics to cancer to fitness rely on LOINC terminology to aggregate and analyze data.

When LOINC and its complementary standards are used universally, individuals will benefit because their health information will be stored and communicated in such a way that any healthcare provider will understand their health history and needs, regardless of whether they are in their home town or in a different part of the world.

What does the LOINC team do?

Our core mission is to create and maintain the LOINC terminology. In addition, we

  • coordinate with other standards development organizations;
  • host conferences, workshops, and webinars;
  • write guidance documentation;
  • answer user questions; and
  • promote LOINC adoption throughout the world.
This work is supported by an extended network of committee members, volunteers, subject matter experts, and public and private funders. We acknowledge and share our gratitude for these individuals and organizations. In collaboration with our supporters, our goal is to make a difference in individual and public health around the world.

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Our Work

See our Annual Reports for an overview of our previous work and accomplishments.

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