LOINC Table, Reports, and Users’ Guide

The LOINC table includes fields for the LOINC codes and each of the six parts of the fully-specified name. There are many other fields (described in the Users' Guide) that contain synonyms, comments, and other information. The LOINC table is available in several file formats.

The LOINC distribution also includes several LOINC Accessory Files and other documentation.

LOINC Table Files

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LOINC Table Core

An export of all of the LOINC terms that are in the complete table with a subset of the fields that are both crucial for defining each LOINC term and whose structure is anticipated to be stable over the long-run. We are providing this format in order to make it easier for implementers to update to the latest LOINC release without having to make changes to their database structure. The map_to.csv file is included in the Core table download so that users can update their mappings for deprecated terms without having to download a separate artifact. However, depending on their use case, some implementers may still need to refer to the complete LOINC table in order to find all of the relevant information. This zip file archive contains: 1) the LOINC Core table in CSV text format; 2) the LOINC map_to table in CSV text format; 3) Loinc Table Core Release notes in a text file format; 4) Loinc Table Core Readme in a text file format; and 5) the LOINC License in a text file format.

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LOINC Table File (CSV)

A zip file archive that contains: 1. The LOINC table in CSV text format with each record on a separate line (terminated by CR/LF) and each field delimited by a comma character. Non-null text fields are enclosed in double quotes. 2. Directories with the scripts and files needed for basic import into Oracle and MySQL databases. 3. Other files, including the LOINC License, LOINC Release Notes, MapTo table, and Source Organization table.

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LOINC Table File (Microsoft Access)

A zip file archive that contains the LOINC table in a Microsoft Access™ database format.

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LOINC Change Snapshot

The ChangeSnapshot file contains all LOINC terms and Parts that had a change in Status between the previous and current LOINC release, such as from TRIAL to ACTIVE, or ACTIVE to DEPRECATED. It does not contain terms or Parts that were newly added.

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LOINC Changes File

Contains all records that have been edited since the last release, including changes in many ancillary attributes such as RELATEDNAMES2, SHORTNAME, and COMMENT fields. We make lots of edits to such fields, so most of these changes do not alter the LOINC term name. This file is in a Microsoft Access™ database format, compressed as a zip file.

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LOINC Changes Report

A report that highlights all the changes to the primary LOINC name fields since the last release. LOINC follows good terminology management practices, so these changes reflect modifications to our naming convention rules, style, and efforts for consistency rather that changes to the concept meaning.

LOINC Documentation

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LOINC Users' Guide

The LOINC® Users' Guide is the definitive document about LOINC®. It explains the structure of the table, its rationale, and the rules LOINC® uses for naming test results.

Translations: Chinese (2016-06), Estonian (2008-07), German (2009-07), Spanish (2004-02), Turkish (2012-06), Italian (2020-06)

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LOINC Release Notes

A chronological listing of notes across all LOINC releases.

LOINC Archive

Access to the entire history of LOINC releases dating back to 1997.