Errors in LOINC 2.63

A minor error has been discovered with 4 terms in the LOINC 2.63 release. These terms contain NULL parts.

87353-9 Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae IgG Ab/Positive control by Immunoassay
87421-4 Glucose [Mass/volume] in Blood --pre-meal
88169-8 Microscopic observation [Presence] in Vomitus by Acid fast stain
19016-5 X12 277, all requests for information that are included in this transaction are stated for individual services

Remedies taken

These terms have been deprecated, a change that will be available in the next official LOINC release. Where appropriate, new terms containing the proper attributes have been created as replacements. These new terms are listed on our web page of terms in development. They will be officially published in the next LOINC release (currently scheduled for June 2018).

The replacement terms that will appear in the next LOINC releaseĀ are indicated below:

Deprecated term Replacement term
87353-9 88364-5
87421-4 88365-2
88169-8 88366-0
19016-5 n/a - no replacement defined because term is obsolete

No action is necessary from you

There is no requirement from you with regard to these errors. As always, if you have not yet upgraded to LOINC version 2.63 we suggest you do so. These errors in no way alter that recommendation.

Be aware that our practice is to specify a value for each attribute of the LOINC Fully Specified Name (except for the Method, which can be left unspecified and therefore blank). We do this even if that attribute is not really relevant for the particular term, and in such cases we typically use a dash "-". However, we have not declared a file specification definition requiring a value for these name fields because they were null for some older, deprecated terms. You can continue to expect that going forward, new LOINC terms will have these attributes specified.

If you have questions or concerns regarding these errors, please contact us.